Sunday, December 4, 2011

Soups on? Or, un-epic fail #2 - Candy Cane Pie

So, it's kinda pretty, yeah?
Actually it didn't taste half-bad at all.   More like peppermint ice cream with a crust.   It just didn't hold up to it's 'pie' name, so I now deem it not worthy enough to be added to my recipe book.. because,  well the recipe didn't turn out as it should.  And that makes me have a sadface.  :(  Oh well.   I'm sure, should I try this again, I will try and figure out the best way to thicken this thing up.   The problem was, it just didn't stay firm.  Sigh.

Let's start at the beginning, which - as they say is a very good place to start!
Thursday night, I decided to make the piecrust and the chocolate ganache filling. Which, was actually very easy to do. 
ganache atop chocolate crust

This is where it started to go badly.   I made sure to freeze it to set it.  I know now where I went wrong, but at this point it was too late.  I checked on it before I went to bed, and it was still not set the way it should have been.. no matter, I guess.   It was going to sit at least another 48 hours before I did anything with it anyway..

I changed my 'make' day from Friday to Saturday, because I had a date on Friday.  No, not a date/date..  a date.  (do you know the difference? Cuz I'm not sure I do.)  Regardless, the point is, I couldn't play with the pie on Friday because I was playing with a pizza pie and a really funny girl for a few hours, because both of us needed out of the house.  So, this mess had to wait for another day.

Enter - next day.  Which was Saturday.  I find I like to have mini breakdowns on the weekends for some reason and I was having a moment Saturday morning where I was hating life.. it didn't last long though, and I like to thank Goldfrapp for the help there.  She had me dancing in my PJ's (yes, yes my PJ's) while I finished putting this pie together.
be excited, i'm showing everyone I can dance in my skivvies

Ok, so anyways.   There's the candy canes.. the candy canes I had to smash into candy cane dust.  Well, this is like the perfect time to smash candy canes right?  Get the lead out of my head.    So, there's this song by my beautiful Alison Goldfrapp called "Rocket".  (yeah give it a listen).  Well, that is what I decided to smash candy canes to... and it was just fitting to turn

And so it began.. I mixed that candy dust into a cloud of fluff (vegan marshmallow) and coconut cream.. hoping it'd keep it's firmness into the day.  I put it on top of the somewhat frozen ganache and let it set while I did my housework and laundry... for that night (last night) I was taking it to it's victims... and I sure hoped it would work out.

Some hours later I took it out of the freezer, but it was still not firm.   A little miffed, I reluctantly sprayed the whipped cream on it (yes I said whipped cream - even vegans get to have whipped cream, vegan style!) and let it sit for another hour before I got ready to go and hauled it out the door.

So, what happened in the end?
Well, I served it up.. it turned into pretty much, ice cream in a crust.  Oh it was good, it just wasn't 'pie'.. it got good reviews, but not as "pie".. so in that respect, it did not earn a spot in my recipe book.  Instead, I'll just make an extra something or other either later this week, or at the end of this two year test... or, maybe, I'll add my recipe for vegan Skyline chili in it's place instead..   hhhmmmm so many decisions.

Regardless, I still have some of this in my freezer, and I'm sure I'll be gluttonous and eat the rest of it during the week.   So, because I have nothing more to leave you with, I'll leave you with something really cute... two of my kids.  Ichabod (the left) and Pippen (the right) because you wanna see em.
So, now with this one coming to a close, I'm segwaying into my next veganization - that of which I am no where near prepared for because my weekend has been changed a bit on me, meaning my recipe is being changed.  So, what will happen?

Guess you'll have to stay tuned to find out.
Happy night, y'all.

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Goldfrapp - Head First
Once Upon A Time (Tv)

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