Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween! Recipe 11, Vegan pumpkin-cream cheese cupcakes!

clyde, stil in one piece.
Let it begin.

No, actually - let it end.   I don't want to talk about the destruction that befell me at the Run Like Hell (5k thru a graveyard) this weekend..   Instead - let's talk about my veganization!

Cupcakes.. made from pumpkin guts!  Woot.  So, it started.  I brought Aleesa and Clyde in from the cold.  Clyde, because he was about to die.  Aleesa - because tomorrow is the night she'd get smashed if it were going to happen.   Good ol' cabbage night.
Everything started out correctly.. and amazingly - ended correctly!   It was a little painful at first.  Clyde would NOT cut open.  It was just agonizing.  I'm sure it's because he was cold.. it got plain chilly out last night.  (I was in it, running, I know.)   I had planned for this to go a little smoother though, the cutting part at least.
Clyde, de-gutted and seeded.

After I finally got him in a half, I pulled out the guts, and the seeds (and roasted them!)  And had planned to boil his pieces.. well, that didn't happen.  I had to skin him to boil him, and after a mini breakdown at my sink with every peeler I had (because we all know that the one thing that terrfies me most in life is peeling stuff!)  I gave up, and turned the oven on to bake the bugger.  This meant I had to cut him in fourths.. which was equally as painful as cutting him in half.. but it went fine.
after my mini breakdown with every peeler in my kitchen.

So, I baked him - and his seeds.. and after about 45 mins scooped the orange deliciousness out into my blender.. and made - voila, instant (not from a can) pumpkin puree!!  (and burnt myself in the process!!)   From that point it was time to mix these babies into cupcake batter.

So, it was time to gather the stuff.  I measured out Clyde (who is now puree) and he measured up exactly to what I needed.. then I pulled out the spices and the other stuff,  and it was easy peasy from that point.  The thing that took the longest was putting the batter  in the lil cupcake cups.  I digress.. it was still simple.
Clyde, as puree.

Off to baking, I made the cream cheese icing - which is delish!
Once the first group was out - (this seriuosly made 72 cupcakes)..  I started icing.   Of course, you already know I had to have one, right?   DUH.
Um - YUM!?  (I sometimes impress me.)

So, the 72 are baked, iced and ready to be devoured by my zombiefied office mates - that is, if they're brave enough to eat a vegan treat or two.  No matter though because if they aren't I believe I know several other people who would be glad to inhale a dozen bite sized, fresh pumpkin cupcakes with vegan cream cheese icing.  But all I have to say - is if you're not brave enough, you're going to be missing out on something... well, AWESOME!

So, until Monday - I'll close here and try to get some real serious sleep.   I'll be back to post pictures of the layout and the effects that these cupcakes had on the brave office people that tried them...  til then.  Have lovely dreams.

going like hotcakes!?

"She's cute and she cooks"... uttered Cindy.
"OMG these are awesome".. Debra said with her eyes rolling back in her head. (coming back again and again for more - she also took the last 8 home with her for her peeps..)
"Good, and not too sweet, just the way I like it".. I heard Sam say in his office. (Who later came back and took 6 in one setting - and CLAIMED he was giving more to Cindy and Amanda.;) Later I heard Cindy did NOT have a second - Debra stole one from Sam who ate four out of those six.  I didn't keep track of who won the "I ate the most" title, however if I had my guess, it was Debra! )
"Oh these are wonderful".. Barb ran back in to tell me... Barb wants to steal my recipe - she even begged for it, bless her heart!!
"These are good!".. Lori retorted. And later on we had a convo about how she's pleasantly surprised at the experience she had with these little darlings that have tofu in them (I guess she's had some not -so-great tofu experiences).
Hats off to Deanna for being braver than Connie who never did come back and get one!
Tina P. was enticed with "Yumm!"
Tina F. thought they were "Delicious!"
"Man those are good!" - Amanda hollered. (and she stole more later - vying for the title of having the most cupcakes vs Debra and Sam)
Linda had one and replied with an ever so hearty.."Thank You!!"
Christy was excited to jump into one!
Kyle came in just as I put a fresh batch out with an 'oooh this sounds good!'
Chandy and her daughter were excited to try because they've heard how 'good' they were.

Just some of the feedback I received at work from this latest veganization... now, the real question is - out of the full 40 that I put out - did I have any left?  Nope - I got one, and gave the rest to Debra.   Go her.  I'll have to find out if her peeps enjoyed them later on.

**As for yours truly **
So.  I dressed up to channel Tippi Hedren (The Birds, 1963).  However, my largest bird fell off and the smaller one wasn't cooperating, so I just dealt with my mini crows.  One on my hat and the other on my collar.. and of course, the blood where they'd pecked at me.    :P   The gloves I wore were hard to type in, but other than that, I did ok (save for the fact that I like to sit in easy pose in my office chair, and that's impossible in 3 inch heels, a mini dress with a crinoiline and skin colored fishnets, but I digress.. it's all good. I survived.. BARELY, but I survived.

Best i could do when I'm the only one taking a pic of myself!
I certainly hope everyone had a frighteningly good Halloween!  Don't eat too much sugar now - save some for the Christmas holiday!

Music enjoyed while cooking and writing this blog:
Ella Fitzgerald - This Time The Dream's On me
Doris Day - The Very Thought Of you
Carmen McRay -  If You Never Fall In Love With Me
Gene Krupa - Drummin Man
Frank Sinartra - I get along without you very well
Bobby Darin - Hello Dolly!
Frank Sinatra Jr - Sunrise in the Morning
Frank Sinatra - The Lady Is A tramp
Chet Baker - The Song Is You
Hoagy Carmichael - Skylark
Billie Holiday - I'll Be Seeing You
Benny Goodman - And The Angels Sing
Etta James - At Last
Steve Lawremce - More
Sammy Davis Jr - Over The Rainbow
Sarah Vaughan - Loverman
Rosemary Clooney and Duke Ellington - Mood Indigo
Mildred Bailey- Sunday, Monday or always
(I absolutely adore my 'old standards' Pandora channel... especially when I'm feeling scared and low.)

Current Craving - Peace, white light.. anything that removes this amazingly un-holy, and un-human "thing" from me. :( :(  And honestly peeps.. I'm not trying to be Halloween scary.  I had (and am still having) a moment (several, really) with a very real, very evil spirit this weekend.

Current Motivation - The bravery of my un-vegan co-workers! (BEWARE.. I have two years of this - more goodies are on their way!) 

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