Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bless my soul - Herc was on a roll!

There's something about pegasus... maybe it's just that horse thing I have.   As I was driving home, there was a horse down the street from my sisters house.  I cried.  People, I don't KNOW why I cried.  Maybe it's because I have always wanted a horse?  I dunno.  Maybe it's hormones?  Maybe it's just pure exhaustion. Anyway - bless my soul, I got to see Hercules for the first time EVER today.  It was cute.   It was one of the few times we were able to chill out.
It was nice.  :)
dang peaches

Anyway...  on to the last part of my day first.   I decided I had to preserve these peaches I had.. so I got the trusty Alton Brown recipe out and started up.   Here's the issue.  The dang things woudn't peel.  I put them in boiling water for the allotted amount of time, threw em in ice water - and nada, nothing... ZILCH.

Today isn't my day.   And you may laugh - but I think I need a kitchen partner for these types of things.  I had to take the peeler and peel the dang peaches.  Now, I have a HUGE FEAR (huge) of peelers.. HUGE.  (Did I mention huge?)  I really hurt myself with one once, and I've never been the same since!   So here I am with my stupid peeler fear peeling these damn peaches (yes I said damn).  I don't even think they're really ripe enough yet to be doing this, but it's too late.. I'm doing it.  I did it.   It's done.  They're not pretty like my moms jarred up ones.  But - hopefully they'll do what they're supposed to when I have a peach craving in the middle of January.   Remind me of this post when I do.. please.
Not only that - (I'm so sick of fruit today)   I went to open my pomegranite and the dang thing is rotten!   EFF YOU JUNGLE JIMS!  EFF YOU!

Lil bread bowls not dug into

Now, today I made the Fiesta's bread bowls.  That was easier than I'd expected, actually.   They turned out really small and cute and I actually can't wait to try them.   During these trying times, we were grinding, boiling, smooshing and juicing tomatoes for juice, that was fun.  We got 36 jars of juice and something like 6 jars of tomato gook (which I don't like, because I think it's bitter... it wasn't lost on my sister though - I hope she enjoys it.)
All I gotta say for right now... is that I need pain meds, a good stiff drink, a sleeping pill and someone to cuddle with... (I'll get all but the last one) - just wanted everyone to know..I'm feeling pretty weak and poorly right now.. it's a good thing I've not got the alarm set.  I'd end up throwing my water bottle at it in the morning.
Tomorrow I'll prep the stew and let it cook in the slow cooker on Monday, for Monday night's dinner.  Yum.  I'm looking forward to it.
Right now.
Eff life... (that's my best Eminem wording impression)
All the tomatoes we picked yesterday

Music and such enjoyed while cooking and writing this blog

The chatter of my sister and my mom

Uh Huh Her - Everyone:

Laura Viers - Galaxies:

Silversun Pickups - Lazy Eye - too tired to dance, but I wanted to:

The Cure -Just Like Heaven:

The White Stripes - You've got her in your pocket: 

Neko Case - Look for me (I'll be around)  <3 <3 this song:

The Smiths - How Soon Is Now?:

Current Craving - A hug.

Current Motivation - Air and adrenaline.

all the juice made today!

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