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Beefless Stew & Food Equals Love - Aka Recipe #2 - Filed Under Main Courses

Cincy's stew in Fiesta's bread bowl
Cincy Freedom's 'beef' stew has taken a log of about 4 days to prepare.   Normally this wouldn't happen, but I've had such a weird and busy weekend it happened this way.

Friday night I prepared the 'beef' which is what we veggie folk call "seitan" or for lack of any other words, specifically - gluten.  It looks very hamburgery, not particularly 'beefy'... but it's the way it was squeezed and pulled.   I don't have the fancy machines that the places that create this stuff for the grocery stores do to make it look perfect like sliced chunks of steak - but I'm only human you know.. they haven't replaced me yet with a robotic version -  so on that note, I did pretty well with that.  (I wonder what I'd look like as a robot?)

Saturday I prepared Fiesta's bread bowls at my sister's house while she, my mom and I did tomato juice canning.   On top of that, I let the neicage weisage actually drive my car - un-attended, to go to nana's house to pick up milk and oreos!!  (maybe it was my lack of decorum - because I wanted oreos too.) But this thing has nothing to do with the other.

prepped, raw veggies.

Sunday I prepped the veggies for the stew so that Monday morning I could throw everything into the slow cooker and let it go while I was at work. I did have to get up about 15 mins earlier to get everything ready - but that was a moot point because, wouldn't you know it!?!  I was already awake!   I've been having a terrible time sleeping for the past few weeks.  The only really GOOD sleep I got for some reason was on Saturday night into Sunday.  I slept a nice 9 hours.  Sunday night, not so much.  I was up at 4 am, wondering why the crickets aren't as loud as they are when I lay my head down at 10:30 pm.   Who ponders crickets at 4am?   Apparently, I do.   Ugh.   Because of all this sleep deprivation - I about lost my mind on Monday night after leaving the parents house.   I was already feeling pretty crappy with allergies, and just pure exhaustion, but I guess the almost flat tire left me on a "I might as well cry and get it out now" thing.. which in the end just made everything worse.  It got good again, but right now, I'm suffering with seasonal allergies, exhaustion and it's hard to see and breathe.. my nose piercing even hurts! :(  But anyway.   I'll just say - I'm taking it easy.  Gotta get back to work tomorrow though, and I'm ready to! 

So - the stew.   Not too mixed reactions.  Daddy had one of my bread bowls.. which ended up in some conversation about the 'old country' (apparently daddy is from Italy?)  He must have liked the bread because he didn't give it any negative reviews.   Mom liked the stew but thought there was too many onions in it.   Sister liked it but was a bit afraid of the 'meat'. I don't blame her though - Seitan is an acquired taste.   I liked it all.. I smothered vegan butter all over the bread and sucked down the stew..  aside from the seitan, of course, it tasted like beef stew - so, five stars for me.   Slow cooker is still at mommy's getting a "warshin'" and I'll get it on Saturday during pickle making.  I did not get a picture of anyone eating.. I was in rare form Monday night.. you're lucky I got what I did.  ;)  I'm glad to say i'm so much better now - as long as I could get rid of my puffy allergy face and pain in my head - i'd be 100%!
Ready to cook!

On a side'er note - I was thinking yesterday of how food (specifically food having been made for someone) equals love.    It doesn't matter if it's horrible (I've also made the assumption that if you love me you'll tell me if something tastes horrid, but that's another story.)  But the fact that someone took the time to make food, to slave over something for anyone, says that in one way or another they love you.    I'm not saying that every pot-luck I've gone to means that gilhooley and shoomooley love me like ferns love a cool mist of water,  I mean, if you're going into my kitchen (or I'm going into yours) and one or the other of us is taking the time to create something... even if it is just boiling water for pasta.   There's love in there.  You can't fake that!  You just can't.   I know the work that goes into making things.  Not just food, but stuff in general.   I used to make essential oil products (occasionally still do)  I make jewelry, so on so forth... the work you put into it, the thought - it's pure love (or at least a strong like, lol)  I learned it from my creative mother, who learned it from hers.  Food prep is love, kids.. it's love.  I just keep bringing myself back to chopping, grating, measuring and for god sakes - peeling!!  If I've peeled something for you - consider yourself lucky and outstandingly loved!  ;) (GAH. PEELING!)

Next week I pondered eggs benedict, but I might be making this for myself.  I've not decided yet for sure what I want to do.  I think, actually, I'll make a version of 'tuna salad' instead for Tuesday and take it over to Christy and Elena for our Tuesday night L-word blowout.  (No, we do not allow Elena to watch the L-Word - she goes to bed first!  I just got Christy into it.. it's fun to watch these episodes again - we're only on the first season!)  This weekend might be a bit weird anyway on the cooking front so I think I need to make it subtle and quick.  I've got Monday off so it seems like the perfect time to work on something.

Saturday mom and I are canning pickles so actually that might be a perfect thing to use for relish for this 'no-tuna' salad... hhhhmm!

Sunday, the sister and I are running in the Cincinnati Zoo's "Cheetah Run".   Hoping to see Laura D-C there as well, as she has said she's running too.  We may even have Christy there.  It'll be a 'running party!'   This is my first serious 5k.. so I'm pretty excited, as well as nervous.   Cross your fingers for me.  

Til this Friday all - keep the love going and treat yourselves and others well.

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