Friday, September 2, 2011

Sooner or later you're gonna be com'n a-round, and waaant my cookin' again.

Charlie....  there's a special place in heaven for you.  <3

Oh wait.. no one understands that but me, I don't think.    Good ol' Charlie Tuna.. this one is dedicated to you, my friend.   <3  (MY Charlie that I refer to, is a cat, tyvm, not that cute blue tuna to your left that looks alot like my friend Jen's soon to be husband, Shane - anyhoo).

Along those same lines, I suppose you expect to see me do my best photo impression of the 'Chicken of the Sea' mermaid, right?  I can see it in your imagination now:   I'm going to make this faux tuna salad, and I'm going to present it to you in some babuled green get-up and you're going to say  "---!!!" (I have no idea what you're going to say because there's no way you could call this chicken, and doubly no way you could call it 'of the sea' and frankly I think the whole mermaid, 'chicken of the sea' thing is really rather suggestive, don't you?)

Even so, we'll look at her.   Let's take a look, shall we - - - at:.......... (does she have a name??)
Here she is, naturally, with her lil fork and a tuna flying through the air in a can above her.. and, um.. tuna can't fly that I know of, and if there's a live fish coming out of a can flying through the sky... you know you've been drinking too much sea-water, right?  Not to mention, is this woman REALLY small or what?  That's a huge chunk of tuna there and last I remember of eating tuna from a can, it's about size of my hand.. (and I've got small hands).  Who's on the seawater kick now?
Anyway - I'm segwaying into what I call, my next veganization...   'The Tuna Salad Sandwich'.    And, Sheri's vegan version is going to be called:   Chuck's 'Bean of the land' Twisted Un-Tuna Sandwich.
(long name, isn't it?  I'm making up for that mermaid not having one!)
I'm dedicating this salad to my ever-lovin' Charlie Tuna in heaven.   :)   And before you ask - this is him:
So, let's get on with this, shall we?   From what I know of tuna salad - it's filled with fish, and mayo - eggy, nasty glopped up mayo that is full of all kinds of really horrifying stuff for your arteries. No, no no no no no no.  Need I say it again?  NO!

Not only am I going to mock up tuna, i'm going to mock up mayo, and mock up my own soft pretzel as bread while I'm at it to whomp this baby on and scarf it up.   If my girls get lucky, I'll throw a tomato and some Daiya on top, warm it up and we'll call it a 'no-tuna' melt.. but let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?

So, from what it looks like after doing research on this baby is this:

Regular Tuna Salad                             Chuck's Un-Tuna Salad
Calories -       383                                            120
Fat -              19g                                              4.5g
Cholesterol -  27g                                               0
Sodium -       844mg                                         320mg
Carbs -          19g                                              14g
Protien -         33g                                              4.5g
WW Points     10                                                  3

Regular Soft Pretzel                             Chuck's Twisted Pretzel
Calories -      483                                           460
Fat -                4g                                            2g
Cholesterol -   4g                                             0
Sodium -        2008mg                                   1500mg
Carb -              99g                                          85g
Protien -           12g                                           3g
WW Points -     13                                           10

So that is where we're at.   Mock tuna salad on a big fluffy pretzel - being made on Monday to haul up Tuesday for my two new guinea pigs, Christy and Elena and I to scarf up.   Yum.   Now, what to wear? My best mermaid outfit?    I cannot decide!  :-p

Music Enjoyed while writing this blog:

Soon'r or Later - Hattie McDaniel - Dead serious! <3 <3

And this one's for Daddy - who'll never read this blog - but this movie reminds me of him:

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