Tuesday, August 19, 2014

And here lies the RECIPES!!!

Oh you guys!
It’s been *just about* 3 years (around my moms birthday, which is coming up again on Saturday) That I started this blog.  Now I get to tell you that, the icing on the cake – THE COOKBOOK, is available for download on ‘Bakespace’.
You can find it here:

or HERE 

 It won’t be available in actual book form for a while yet – if you know me, you know I’ve not got the money to do that quite yet, but it’s all written out and ready to go for when I’ve got the $ I need.  Buying the downloadable copy would be very helpful.  I get half the proceeds of my cookbook, which I’ll put right back into the making of a few copies of the hand held book form.   I really like this downloadable cookbook though.   For me,  I pull a lot of recipes off of the internet, and to have something like this available to me on my iPad (yeah I have one of those, hard to believe, right?  It was a gift!) But to have it available at my fingertips like this is amazing.  I wish I’d had something like this 2 years ago when I was veganizing the crap out of everything!

I want to say -  many of you crazy people have recipes dedicated to you in this cookbook.
If you inspired a recipe or went over the top and beyond making waves about any recipe or even asked me to make something specific in the 2 years I did this, chances are that you’ve probably had a recipe dedicated to you.   It ended up as 116 recipes (give or take some side items which I added with menu items in the 100 weekends I challenged myself).  116!  Not bad!!  I also added all the v-logs, so if you starred in any of my little vegan snippets, you're also in the book!

I’ve been working on this for the past year and I’m so very proud of the work I’ve accomplished.  I hope you all enjoy the recipes you have watched me create.  
I’ll try to continue here and there to  make blog posts so that you can see where my future vegan endeavors take me.  

I’m exiting  Rainbows and moving into a new territory where I’ll now call myself ‘Veganixie’.  I hope you’ll continue to follow me as this mortal gets her fairy wings and works towards creating magic for more masses!

If you buy a cookbook, let me know!  If you are one of the many that would like a hand held copy, let me know too –as I’ll try to only get a certain amount of copies made – to save the trees and all.

If you enjoy a recipe, let me know as well.. send me pics!  I love to hear from you guys!  Rainbows will stay on Facebook, so always feel free to post pictures or changes that you made to my recipes or soliloquies to that page!

Peace and as always,
Rainbows of Vegan Love!

Sheri (Veganixie)

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