Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This is an amazing list and your name is probably on it!

It's been a successful two years in my book.  I've been through love, laughter, heartache, heart break, losing some babies, experiencing a 'haunting', being on the radio, starting as a partner in an all vegan bakery and all the while making food for some very special people.

I'm now beginning work on the Rainbows of Vegan Love cookbook, and it's very slowly beginning to take some sort of shape.  I'm not sure how to get it published, etc.. but I'll be learning that as I go on.  If anyone has any ideas or can help me in this, I'd love to hear them!

I'll keep you always in the loop.  But for now, I need to thank some very awesome people that helped to keep me going these past two years.

ABSOLUTE SHOUT OUT'S TO MY "VICTIMS"  Hehe.. I love you guys, thank you for braving the recipes you did!  

Now, in no certain order:
Joanne Fuqua
Jerry Fuqua
Scott Fuqua
Vicki Goforth
Megan Scalf
Lisa Browning
Tracey Bond
Amy Ketchum
Sandra Carroll
Augustus Kroell
Robyn Granger
Amerie Granger
Christy Thierbach
Jason Thierbach
Elena Thierbach
Jen Scheben
Drew Hetzer
Lori Young
Ben Stigar
Corinne Stigar
Lotus Young-Stigar
Joyce Hoffman
Dennis Hoffman
Andrea Blankemeyer
Debra Shipman
Cindy George
Sam Cooper
Don Scheben
Carol Scheben
Matthew Scheben
Erika Katsaros
Barbara Mills
Laura Dixon-Caldwell
Mary Beth King
Chandy Grant
Deanna Rusk-Rocklin
Tina Powell
Tina Ferguson
Amanda Dages
Linda Mount
Christy Paragin
Kyle Dobkins
Shelly Grien
Julie Grien
Bill Grien
Peggy Grien
LaQuan Grien
And OMG If I'm missing anyone here - I'm sorry!  Thank you thank you thank you a billion fold!

 Ridiculously special thanks to these folks who didn't get to try any recipes, but were vocal on my Facebook posts, as well as my blogs.  You guys kept me realizing I was reaching more than just the folks that were eating.  THANK YOU!

Linda Tabler
Scotty Stewart
Patsy Cline
Jen Weber
Marsha Duke
Dana Cahoe
Jenene Peterson
Alicia Hyland
Gina Kline
Alanna Maloney
Robin Solinski
Eliza McCartney
Kim Zimmerman
Jack Frank
Paula Mounts
Janet Evans
Sharon Yelton
Linda Ryan
Sandra Dick Parrish
Lorien Nagafuchi Wright
Laura Schatz
Zenita Belle
Amanda Marie Paolello
Monique Hypes (who did my artist rendering!)

Big Thanks and love to our animal superheroes that somehow made their names into a recipe or two!

Victoria Turkey
Skip Turkey
Thyme Turkey
Elizabeth Turkey
Gable Turkey
Payton Turkey
Annette Turkey
Cincy Freedom The Cow
Fiesta the Chicken
Chucky the Cat
And all the other animals saved along the way!

Loves and tickles to my very interested kitty (and pup) friends:
Sabrina Delahoya Fuqua
Pippen Louise Fuqua
Sanchez Esposito Fuqua
Lucy Ann Fuqua-Ayers
Ichabod Octavius Fuqua-Ayers
Jospehine Elizabeth Fuqua-Ayers
Chiana Lauren Scheben
Niko Scheben
Monty Scheben
Chloe Valentine Scheben-Katsaros
Jaben Thierbach
Sheldon Cooper Thierbach
Peggy Caldwell
Gus Caldwell
Dick King
Snatch King
F^#*3% King ;)
Simon Felix Fuqua-Ketchum
Eddie Ketchum
Pinky Carroll
Carol Carroll-Ketchum
Serina Fuqua
Theodore William Goforth

Lastly, All my love, heart, and the angels of whom this cookbook will be dedicated to:
Orbie Alexander Fuqua
Bella Lucille Fuqua-Ayers
Jeep Ann Scalf
And last but not least - the chef extraordinare who I *KNOW* helped me through each one of these veganizations:
Rochelle Grien  (Grandma, to me).  

I couldn't have made it without any of you!  Thank you so very much!!

And to complete the cycle - a few of my favorites.
I didn't vlog much but my favorite of the few has GOT to be this one:

And lastly, a favorite pic from each year.

Paula Deen's Peanut Butter Pie - September 2011 - Niece Megan Scalf and Sister Vicki Fuqua-Goforth
Eggnog Ice Cream - December 2012 - My Baby Mama, Lori Young
Rapunzel's Hazlenut Soup and Pan Fried Cornbread - August 2013 - Sheri Fuqua and BFF Christy Read-Theirbach being goofy.

Once again, thanks each and every one of you!  I love you! <3 <3

Peace, Rainbows and Much Vegan Love


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