Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ariel learns to EAT with her dinglehopper - Recipe 100 - "crab"cakes and shells n cheeze.

Oh dear Ariel.   She's realized exactly what the land folks DO with a dinglehopper.

And she enjoyed every bite.

Welcome to King Triton's Castle for the very last Rainbows Of Vegan Love, veganization!

This started out actually the night before.  I knew that kitchen space in my dear Ariel's castle kitchen would be sparse, so I made a lot of this ahead of time.   I started with my 'tartar sauce'.   After throwing some tofu in a pile with 'buttermilk' I was ready to mix in a few other ingredients.  Ignore the spectrum shortening.. I didn't use that.  I was also making a cake at the same time for my Snow White.  (I'm so versatile with my princesses)  <3

As the evening wore on (as did the heat in my kitchen) I started out on the 'crab cakes'.  (No I did NOT use my cell phone in the recipe.. it didn't call for it.    I was basing this recipe off of a Paula Deen recipe (the sauce as well).  I almost couldn't believe the amount of butter it used.  (As in, not a ton.. isn't Paula a butteraholic, ya'll?)    After a good add, mix, add, mix I was ready to create patties to chill.

I ended up with four perfect balls ready to take.    Also with this veganization - I created baked shells and 'cheeze' (aka macaroni and cheese baked with three different vegan cheezes).  This was my own recipe, but it was ridiculously fitting.  Vegan crab, vegan shells... it was fit for a ocean party, I'm telling you!

So - I got to Triton's castle (aka Mary Beth's house) and after doing a little jobbie job for her (we'll get to that in a few).. I started the 'shells'.  When those were al-dente, I went ahead and added my three 'cheese' mix and topping with vegan parm, and threw it in the oven with something that smelled delicious and cinnamony. 
Then it was time to fry the 'crab' cakes and get the table set.  All of which was done in good pace while my Ariel behind me was baking brownies (who knew Ariel was such a baker?)

"There you see her
Sitting there across the way
She don’t got a lot to say
But there’s something about her
And you don’t know why
But you’re dying to try
You wanna FEED the girl"
We ate, we chatted, I've come to realize my Ariel needs to be fed something other than sugary snacks more often.
So, this is where I end my 2 years - 100 recipes.  Being vegan brought Mary Beth and I together - and we share of love of making things for others, so, I've joined with her as partners in her vegan bakery Sweet Peace Bakery and I couldn't be anymore excited about it!
I'm sure working with her will render a few late dinners together of which I'll make while she bakes, then I go decorate Sweet Peace goodies.  End result, compassionate, yummy, amazing food for the masses, sweet (and savory at some point).  

That being said - I don't want to throw all the surprises in this one blog, so very soon, you'll see my VERY last blog.  It'll be a thank you to all of you who partook in my recipes, a mention of the fact that yes, I will be putting together a cookbook, and when you can expect it - and very special thank you's to all of you who were not able to eat my food, but always made known your excitement for what I've been cooking.   I will not abandon RoVL Facebook, I'll still fill it with information and fun things for those of you following me, and of course if I have a food request from any of you foodies - they will most always be fulfilled.  Just ask!

Til my next post everyone - Peace, Love and Vegan pixie dust.  xoxoxoxoxoxo!
"Those poor unfortunate souls
So hungry
So true
They come flocking to my cauldron
Crying, "Food, Sheri, please!"
And I help them?
Yes, I do"

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