Monday, August 26, 2013

We what the land folks loves to cook Under the sea we off the hook!

Let's just jump right into this, shall we?   Like a splash into the sea!  Sebastian.. he's so wise, so cute, such a jerk sometimes.  But you've gotta love him!

Welcome to veganization #100.  The end, Finnito - FINISHED after this!
We've visited 2 princesses already and one 'villain turned good'.  This last blog finds us at the one true vegan princess' Ariel's table!  But what is our focus?

Poison ingredients?  (We solved that).
Clueless chefs?  (Educated them)
Ain't broke, don't fix it mindset (Fixed it)

There's a whole nother group of cooks out there that 'Just Don't Care'.  Like.. "Eh, I love the taste of (said animal product).  Screw it.. let's eat!

*NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!*  Someday we'll live in a world of all vegans.. SOMEDAY.  (Don't burst my bubble).  But until then, it's time to keep proving to these cooks that vegan tastes JUST as good as non-vegan.

Afterall - we can't end up with this scenario in front of a vegan princess!!
We're taking the job on ourselves here at Rainbows of Vegan Love, for our last veganization to make foolish chefs all over look silly.  Because, who says you can't have crab cakes without a crab?! 

<-- DUDE, get off of my blog already and put that fish back in the sea where he's 'off the hook!'

You might say I saved the best for last, and maybe I did.. but there's a whole other reason I saved my Ariel for last.. and you might find out - in the next blog.  But until then, let's see what my Ariel is going to be noshing on - vegan style - this week for dinner.

Crab Cakes                            Sebastian Friendly Cakes
                (with creamy dill dipping sauce)
Calories - 200                                     150
Fat - 10                                                  7
Cholesterol - 82                                     0
Sodium - 491                                        282
Carbs - 5                                                5
Fiber - 0                                                 4
Protien - 11                                            8
WW Pts - 4                                            3

Shells and Cheese                            Baked Shells and 'Cheeze'
Calories -350                                                242                                                
Fat - 18                                                            7    
Cholesterol -650                                              0                       
Sodium  -181                                                 145                                       
Carbs   - 36g                                                   12                                    
Fiber - 4                                                           3
Protien - 6g                                                      7                                                      
WW Pts - 6                                                      6   

I'm going to pull the seaweed over Ursula's eyes and make Ariel sing to me while I cook.  Maybe I can officially become one of Triton's daughters?   

Stay tuned.. in two days I'll be taking gadgets and gizmo's a plenty, also whozits and whatzit's galore over to Ariel's castle.. and maybe she'll find another use for this 'dinglehopper' thing she keeps talking about.

Dive down with me, Wednesday!

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