Thursday, August 22, 2013

Recipe 99 - Rapunzel's favorite hazelnut soup and pan fried goldenrod corn bread

Well, Maximus ate my apples again so I wasn't able to make a dessert.. but the rest of dinner was a smashing sensation!

As always, 'Mother' wasn't home.. leading me to attempt to find things on my own and entertain myself.  (J/K, my mother Gothel was in traffic).   Bff husband helped me find my way around the kitchen as soon as I got in and I started to get everything ready.

The hazelnuts had to go into the oven, first until they were 'fragrant' and the skins peeled off.. so in they went, as I tended to the 'garden' in the soup pot to create into a vegan soup (that of which the real mother Gothel had no intention of doing.. but we all know Disney Princesses are vegan, so shame on her!)
Once the hazelnuts were done, I realized Gothel must really have loved Rapunzel.. rubbing the skins off the hazelnuts and moving them into a clean bowl was painful!  But it had to be done because the veggies in the soup and the stock was ready for them to be cooked into it!

At that point, it was time to cook those suckers and prepare the ol' pan fried cornbread.

Why?  You may ask,  Why did you need to make pan fried cornbread?

I have a frying pan.. duh.  You know there are many many things you can do with a frying pan.   One of which is teaching someone a lesson.  (C'mon, you watched the movie).   I'm thinking that I can take a pan to Gothel's head and make her realize I don't want a soup full of chicken stock and cows cream... so, well - I had to make her realize somehow!
(Yah, she's really concerned.)   So, I figured, since I'm supposed to be portraying a loving princess, I would put the pan to better use and create a bread for our soup.  Golden cornbread sounded like the perfect match..  sooo

That's what I did. 
The original recipe wanted it baked in the pan.  We didn't have a pan we could bake with, so I used a different recipe, where you were supposed to turn the darn thing out (after it was much like a pancake) and onto an oiled baking sheet.   Mine kind of didn't come out like it was supposed to - but it baked fine just the same and tasted just as yummy.   When the bread was done, the soup was done.. timed just right!

 So, it was finished.  I served it out to probably the biggest group of people I've fed to date in this blog.  A whopping number of "5".   I had my mother Gothel, I had my Snow White, I had bff jr, bff husband and myself.   Was it a hit??

 Mother Gothel and Snow White (who strangely enough is wearing a Cruella DeVille shirt...  SNOW??!?)   seemed to think so.  So did the bff's on the other side.  And what of our Rapunzel atop her tower (bar stool)?
Yes.. yes she approved.  (I however liked the cornbread more than the soup, but eh? What can you do?)

And a few more photos of the evening.
Mother Gothel now knows VEGAN is best!

princesses and their bird friends

More princesses and animals!

So, veganization number 99 (OMG FOLKS!  I'M ABOUT TO SEE THIS TO THE END!)  was a raving success.  I got nothing but praise for the soup.  I left it with my Mother Gothel - now back to being named the bff.  She even had some for breakfast this morning!
Mother does know best!

Well, we have one more veganization.. number 100.   What princess will we visit? Will we be on land, sea, in the air?  What kind of un-vegan cook will we learn about?
All these questions and more when you tune back in for my very last veganization.. I'll tell you all about it on Monday.  ;)  Yup, it's like a soap opera - you've got to wait!

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