Monday, August 19, 2013

Recipe 99 - This mother does know best!

Okay, so I've put this off long enough and after quite a lengthy evening I will sit here and write, because if I don't, I'll never have another chance, I fear.

We're at veganization 99.  That's right, second to the last! And we're moving in on a different kind of villain this time.  Our first week of the month we looked at a  villain who just wanted to poison people with bad (unvegan) stuff - because you know, processed food, the crap we inject our animals with, it IS poison. For them and us.   We found a healthier way.

Last week we learned about the non-vegan who just doesn't know what they're doing.  "We can't do vegan, we don't know how."  We found out how EASY difficult vegan recipes really are so no more excuses!

This week - we're going to let the princess cook. 
Enter Mother Gothel.  She knows best, after-all. Why, she has been cooking this same hazelnut soup for years - with cream and butter and chicken stock.
(That woman needs a straight up frying pan to her head).  Here we have the 'If it's not broken, don't fix it' kind of vegan. She thinks keeping her kid locked away for years will keep her the same helpless child she remembered - so of course she's going to have this mindset.

I for some reason, connected with the Disney version of Rapunzel, I used to say that when her hair was all chopped off, she looked like me.   So...  I get to be the princess this time and show my very own 'mother Gothel' that the adage of 'if it's not broken don't fix it' holds no real substance like a vegan meal.  (She kinda knows this, she's vegan, but she's got crazy Gothel hair, so she gets to play the part - that, and she wants dinner.)

We're going to be making Rapunzel's FAVORITE soup (Hazelnut soup) and as a side treat - I'm going to use the handy dandy frying pan to fry up some goldenrod corn bread alongside our soup.

 I've even got it on good measure that my bff Snow White (from blog 97) is going to show up and giggle with me a lot, so we'll get her on cammy too!

Let's do our numbers:

Hazelnut Soup                   Vegan Hazelnut Soup
Calories  - 250                               145
Total Fat  - 11.2                                6
Cholesterol -24                                 0
Sodium - 940                                  320
Total Carbs -15.5                             8.6
Fiber -2.4                                        1.8
Protein - 7.2                                    3.6
WW Pts - 5                                     3

Pan Fried Cornbread         Goldenrod Cornbread
Calories  - 280                                114
Total Fat  - 6                                      3
Cholesterol -28                                   0
Sodium - 413                                    217
Total Carbs -18                                 12
Fiber -1.3                                           2
Protein - 3.4                                       2
WW Pts - 4                                       2

So, we've got this veganization down pat for Wednesday night.  I'm traveling with my food and going to my "Mother Gothel's" house.  My princess-like self will woo her with the goodness that will come out of the soup pot and the frying pan.  Snow and I will giggle and have fun, and maybe by the end of the night, we'll be able to crown Mother Gothel, Queen Vegan. ;)

Who knows?
You'll just have to stay tuned and hope Maximus doesn't run away with my parsnips!

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