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Recipe 98 - "beef" ragout, "cheese" souffle and the ever popular, Grey Stuff.

Princess of the week!  My sister, who graciously played the part of Belle and enjoyed everything I put in front of her.  She's also accompanied by the ghetto versions of Lumiere, Cogsworth and Chip (of whom has no chip) as well as a book she found in the beasts vast library.. now she can teach the entertaining flatware how to eat vegan!

This was a three parter recipe.  Beauty and the Beast is so full of food it was hard to choose.  Honestly just one veganization in my world isn't enough for this particular week of blogging.  We've got some pretty dumb dishes and kitchenware, so we need to make sure they know how to feed our vegan heroine, right?

 I started out with 'The Grey Stuff'.   According to the dishes, it's delicious.. so I wanted to see for myself if this was the truth.  I pulled up the exact recipe from Disney World's very own 'Be Our Guest' Restaurant and started working my magic with the only original thing staying - 'Oreos'.  (I heart oreos.. yes I know they're terrible for you, but once in a while, I do terrible things.. get over it.)

After creating it, I tried it.  And, well, what do you know?  It WAS delicious!   According to the movie, this was served on a cracker, and I just out of luck had some vegan graham crackers to plate this with.  My Belle (claiming she really doesn't like Oreos, making me wonder if she really is my sister) DID try it, said it was good.. but she couldn't finish it.  She handed the rest to my neice (bless her, if she knew there was a cake of tofu in that stuff she'd not have touched it) who finished most of it. ;)

The second part of this veganization was pure Disney magic in that all I had to do was gather up my ingredients, mix them all in the right amounts and put them in a crock pot where they would cook for several hours all on their own.
Imagine my state of bliss when I walked into my kitchen just freshly home from work and smelled this stuff  'bubblin and brewin' in the crock?

I initially thought I'd walked into the wrong house.  My house never smells this good.  Well, maybe it does, but I'm always in it when I'm cooking so I've never been the outsider walking into the scent.   mmMm.   It actually was pretty good all in itself.  We had it on spaghetti as a sauce (it was suggested rice or spaghetti).  My Belle even went back for seconds!

 The last part of this was the 'cheese' souffle.  I had to make this at my mothers house (aka the Beast's castle) because it needed to be eaten right out of the oven.  There you can see my 'Mrs Potts' (mommy) helping me whip 'egg whites' (aka egg replacer) for the souffle.  The souffle of which didn't tell me where to add my cream of tartar, so my souffle's didn't rise correctly.. ggrrr.

Best part of the evening of cooking with my mother was when I asked her to be like my grandma and try something for me.  I gave her a tiny nip of 'Vegg' and she about had a panic attack, insisting that I fed her raw egg yolks.  (I love it when this happens!)  See, I'm telling you.. vegan can take on non-vegan like every time!  (It's what I've been trying to prove day in and out with this blog.)  You'll never regret it because you won't miss whatever taste you're afraid of missing!

All in all the dinner, while less than perfect.. really did mimic what I think Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts, Chip and all those dishes were trying to get over to Belle in the original movie.
It was all in perfect taste, It was all yummy, it was all fancy shmancy, it was all fun, and even our 'beast' (my neice) sang a few songs for us.
Best part ever - it was ALL VEGAN.
So now those silly dishes have no reason to not know what they're doing.  They CAN cook vegan!  Just in time for them to become people again.

Special thanks to my sister 'Belle' who did a good job in character and ate all of her food like a good princess.  :)

What's next?
It's the 'mother' of all blogs...  we'll find out if Mother really DOES know best, or if she's just doing things because she thinks they're best.


Stay tuned!

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