Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The bold, The beautiful and the brazen...

So, RoVL fans..  what do I have in store for you next?

Well, there's a tale as old as time out there that's just waiting to be told.   It goes something like this..

Once upon a time there was a girl, who loved animals, and books... oh yes, she loved books too.  Why, she loved animals and books so much she moved into a castle with an animal/man and a library so big she'd never get through the books...all this with a cast of characters ranging from cups to wardrobes that sing to her throughout the day.

Yes, I'm talking about our ever favorite Disney princess, Belle.  But before we get to Belle, let's reflect:
If Belle ate ALL of the un-vegan food given to her by the Beast servants, we all know she'd PROBABLY end up looking a bit like this:
This is why one must assume that our favorite heroine is ACTUALLY Vegan, because the way those applainces cook for at least 12 dozen people and Belle so svelte... c'mon.   
She's not having a heart attack, she's not dealing with cholesterol.   She's golden, just like her dress.   A golden vegan princess.

Let's back up here.  Logically, it would turn ANY vegan princess off to have to deal with a hunter who eats 5 dozen eggs a day hitting on her:
Clearly, Gaston is roughly the size of a barge, his cholesterol is through the roof, and he's supporting factory farming.. (and he's a hunter!)  SHAME on you, Gaston!  No wonder you're a villain!

Then enter the 'Animal' of this story... The Beast:
Okay, okay, he's a bit rough and tumble, and can be downright mean sometimes, but he's got a soft spot.. I promise.  So soft he's a vegan too.  (I'm not making this up!)

The dishes and cups though?  I'm not convinced they even KNOW what vegan is.  It's questionable when you sit down to dinner and all of a sudden a symphony of food, appliances and furniture start singing to you.  They're high, or maybe you're high?  In any event.. you can't really ASK your waiters (who, are a candlestick and a clock) if your 'Beef Ragout' has any REAL meat in it; your new room mate is angry, so you're not sure how to handle the thought with him.   What to do?  I mean, can you REALLY trust a drunken high candlestick?

No fear, Belle.. we've got you.  

I promise, once The Beast defeats Gaston, he can ASSURE you of his devout veganism.  And you my dear?  You can have the ladder help you reach the book all about being vegan from the shelf and hand it to your now human servants...

So, what IS for dinner?
Let's look at the numbers and you'll see:

Beef Ragout                              Beefless Ragout
Calories  - 275                                 112
Total Fat  - 7                                       4
Cholesterol -18                                   0
Sodium - 481                                    117
Total Carbs -37                                 15
Fiber -4                                              2
Protein - 11.8                                     4.3
WW Pts - 7                                         3

Cheese Souffle                        Cheeze Souffle
Calories  - 294                                   105
Total Fat  - 15                                      6 
Cholesterol -134                                  0
Sodium - 307                                     112 
Total Carbs -6                                      4              
Fiber -0                                                1  
Protein - 9                                            3
WW Pts -  5                                         2

The Grey Stuff                       The better grey stuff

Calories  - 237                                    142
Total Fat  - 12.5                                     8
Cholesterol -9.7                                     0
Sodium - 233                                        94 
Total Carbs -28                                    15
Fiber - 0.5                                           0.5
Protein - 4.3                                          2
WW Pts - 6                                           4

So, my PERSONAL Belle is pretty health conscious and will appreciate the dinner she's about to be served.  I HAVE heard the grey stuff is delicious (but I'm not sure if asking the dishes is the smartest move in this case) so we'll see exactly how delicious it is.

Before I leave you to work on the preparation of this fancy dinner  - let me end with some joyous song to get you in the mood... 
Click the link and learn why a VEGAN dinner here will never be second best.. remember, GOOD always wins in the end.  The evil hunter/factory farm supporter gets the bump, and the Beast's vegan castle ends up ruling in the end.. I promise!

Until I proudly present 'your dinner'...

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