Monday, August 5, 2013

Recipe 97 - Regina's Apple Turnovers

"Snow White: Oh, I feel strange.
[Starts gasping for air]
Queen: [to herself] Her breath will still. Her blood congeal.
[Snow White drops onto the floor]
Queen: [Cackling] Now I'll be fairest in the land!" 

Ah, this is going to be the most fun I've had with Rainbows since the beginning. My goal?  To create the perfect apple treat for my very own Snow White (My bff, Laura Dixon-Caldwell, who quite fits the role in looks, but much spunkier than the original Snow White).    

The reason? 
Good wins out in the end.

This weekend, I chose to veganize 'Regina's Apple Turnovers'.   If you've watched Once Upon A Time, you'll note, Regina is the evil queen, and she used these very turnovers to attempt to kill Henry's mother.. 
I however, did not add any poisonous or noxious ingredients.  No animal was harmed, no princess was harmed.

 I started out with my favorite apples.. 'the granny smith' apple.  I figured, it was a grandmother queen in the Disney movie that peddeled her goods to our fair princess, so it was only fitting.  I'm not a granny, nor can I magically turn myself into one, so I used the next best thing, and kept the skins on to keep all the wonderful non-poisonous vitamins in.

Of course I had to make a turnover dough.  I attempted this dough twice, and changed ingredients the second time around, simply because it wasn't turning out the way I needed it to.  Finally, third time was a 'charm' (as in prince charming, maybe?)  And I was able to roll a dough fitting enough for my apple jewels.

 Inside the dough I added a yummy apple filling of which I had to cook forever on the stove and mix with spices to make it yummy and thick.
Easily enough I folded them over, sealed them up and sent them into the oven to wait for their scentillating appearance.

My perfect golden turnovers were ready and would fool any non-vegan princess into believing they might be trickery.   However, I wasn't done yet.. I had to make them appeal to the young princess, make her WANT to try them because this was going to be a surprise.

 I wrote my princess a note of good-will, charm, sass, and pretty much to get to the point of what I was doing.  Instead of coming right out and suggesting she eat them, I had to Earth Balance her up a little, didn't I?   What else could I do to make this more appealing to her?

Place them in a basket, of course!   I wrapped the basket, then consulted my two favorite dwarves to assist me in re-finding Snow White's little cottage to leave the sweet surprise on her doorstep.
When our mission was complete, my Snow White did something very out of movie context and texted me with a bunch of sweet thank yous.  :)

I only wish I had a picture of her eating them.. and you'd see she didn't need 'True Love's Kiss' after all - all she needed was a glass of almond milk, and some 'Rainbows of Vegan Love' to pull her through as my 'Fairest of them all'.

(I want to thank my princess, Laura for being such a good sport, and I truly did surprise her!  I love you, Laura!)

Next up....  Dancing dishes with non-vegan food?  I don't think so!

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