Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wicked Vs Snow - Recipe 97

Welcome, foolish mortals (oh, that's from the Haunted Mansion -- right idea, wrong characters).

 Welcome to the very last month of Rainbows Of Vegan Love!  We're about to go out with a big ol Disney bang for a few different reasons.

1.  If you've been with me these past 2 years you KNOW I'm obsessed with Disney.

2. I'm obsessed with Disney Villains

3. Even though I'm obsessed with Disney Villains, we all know that the good wins out in the end over all evil. 

The evil here being the un-vegan ingredients in food.   If I've taught you anything over these past few years it's how to turn non-vegan food into vegan food with the same taste delight.  So, it really does seem no-argument, that good should win out in your diet.

Let's start with The Wicked Queen from Snow White and her deathly poisonous apple:
Oh that crazy old woman.. imagine what WOULD have happened had Snow made a pie or tart out of that apple instead of biting into it?   She would have wiped out a whole gaggle full of dwarves, and that whole "True Loves Kiss" thing would be moot.. because did any of those dwarves have true loves?

Not in the story.

The real evil though in the creation of any pie or tart would be the butter and the eggs.  You don't need me to tell you what they do to baby chicks or baby calves so you can get these ingredients for your apple delights.  We've discussed this at least 10 fold.. please google "Factory Farming" if you need to be enlightened.

Enter 'The Good' in this story:
All good princesses know how to veganize their pies and tarts, and I think Snow White would do what was fair and good for her animal friends.  It's as such, that she should really convince the 'queen' of all evil there to do the same..
And since I'm a villain lover, I'm going to prove that evil can do some good in my next veganization for my very OWN Snow White - who will be receiving these in the sweetest of ways this weekend.

I'm about to go all Regina on you folks:
(Yes I love Once Upon a Time).

We're going to veganize Regina's Apple Tarts.   The very ones she handed over to Emma that ended up in Henry's tummy.

They'll be filled with good.. I promise

Numbers Please!

Wicked Apple Tarts                 Fairest Apple Tarts
Calories  - 190                                    112
Total Fat  - 4                                          2
Cholesterol -12                                      0
Sodium - 80                                          22
Total Carbs -37                                    15
Fiber -3                                                  2
Protein - 1                                              1
WW Pts -5                                             2

And with that, it's time to concoct something for my very special (un-aware, because that's how the original villains do things) princess which, I'm sure will color her pink before she's done with them.

It all goes down this weekend...
We'll turn a poison apple tart - into a fairest apple tart.


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