Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Irish eyes are smilin'

Well, call it a lucky charm!  (No, we've already veganized that!). 

I don't recall ever having shepards pie in my lifetime up until now, and I have to say this vegan version was absolutely amazing.  I even went back for thirds!

Thank you, Ireland.

So, it started out on Saturday.. I think I had moved every piece of furniture in my Irish cottage (aka my house) and I was out of bounds exhausted, but.. I had to eat!

It was time.   I pulled out an authentic Shepards Pie recipe and started going to town on it.

Veggies first, please!
I had to saute'  I had to boil, I had to saute some more.

Then it was time to make the 'gravy' portion of the meal (which is really the heart of the shepards pie).
This called for more veggies 'lamb' (no no no no lambies were harmed in the making of this pie), wine (we could review from the last time that I love cooking with wine) a few various other things and  some basic stock... I let that do it's thing and turned on my oven.

When that was ready - I had this amazing thick filling that smelled sooo good I couldn't wait to eat it.. but first, I had to mash my potatoes.

Mash potatoes, you say?
Yup..  shepards pie gets a yummy mashed potato topping on it!

It also gets an 'egg' wash (which I did minus the egg) and a sprinkle of parmesan (which I did too - minus the parm..  dang I'm good).

A few moments later and OMYUMNOM!

I will make this again - and luckily, I still have some in my fridge!

So - that closes up our European vacation month I hope I've made your summer vacay time a bit more exciting! 

Rainbows of Vegan Love ends in August.. and we have four more (very magical) veganizations planned..
There will be twists, turns, surprises and maybe even a few 'hug it outs' planned!
You don't want to miss our last month of forever..

You will become witness of the proof that good absolutely triumphs over evil - especially in the culinary world!

See ya real soon!


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