Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pigs, Chickens, feathers... school?

Let's go to school.  The Culinary school of Wisdom!
Where we're gonna learn what's really messed up in the world today via the stuff you eat.

Welcome my fine un-feathered friends, to Jumbled June!   (I know I know, techincally it's not June, but it's going to be, so let's improvise.)

Our word of the month is KARMA:
The sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate.

Now, pick up that piece of bacon, chomp into it.
You may not have been the taker of the life of the animal that gave you that morsel of food but - you've already assisted with it's murder.

Let's also take, for example,  the life of the pig that gave you that bacon.  Do you ever wonder what happened to it before it died?  Do you subscribe to the fact that you're eating it's suffering?  It's fears?
It's in you now.

So often I see so many angry people around.   Much of that is in the energy we put into ourselves.  If we fuel ourselves with something that felt pain and suffering, then why is it so wrong to believe that we won't feel this ourselves?

Ponder that and we'll talk about it more next week.

Now, let's get fun.
Jumbled June is all about mixing up things that we otherwise might not seem quite right, but really taste very good!
And our first mix up...

Well, ok.
You got me.

That's pretty silly.

If you put together the photo at the very top, with the photo right above this sentence, what do you think of?

If you said 'Chicken Cordon Bleu' I'll give you a dollar.

Now, from what I've read, CCB is French for - "you're going to wrap some chicken up in some ham with some cheese, fry it up and serve it with sauce"  (Actually the name is suggested as 'blue ribbon'.. so don't get tecchy on me)

Who thought to ever do that?

Now, I've never had it... although it looks pretty good, so it's time I have it - the vegan way

Let's do some numbers

Chicken CB                                    Vegan Periwinkle. ;)

Calories - 600                                           322
Total Fat  - 27                                            9.5
Cholesterol - 280                                         0
Sodium - 1018                                          524
Total Carbs - 5                                             5
Fiber - 0                                                       2
Protein - 81                                                  5
WW Pts -  15                                               3    

So, okay.. this is supposed to be what it looks like:

I'll be spending my Saturday doing so many things.   This will be one of them.  In between cupcakes, grape leaves, supporting the bff for her first yoga class.. 
I'll be a mix up all on my own!

So join me, if you will.. on a summer starter that will make you wonder 'what's next'?

Welcome, to 'Jumbled June!'

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