Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Recipe 88. Chick'n Cordon Bleu

Hello again!
Oh the lateness..  I took my time here with this one, and it wasn't one of those recipes that even took a whole lot of time to make!

Let's review:
This yumminess is brought to you by 'Jumbled June'  a host of weird combinations that people eat.   This combo - Ham and Chicken.  Ala - Chicken Cordon Bleu..
Which was yummy,  I might add.

I've never had the stuff, so I didn't know I was in for such a treat.

Let me get down to the nitty here..  I was BUSY on Saturday, I had agreed to make some food for a grad party on Sunday, so that was priority.  I started out on cupcakes and had to finish with grape leaves/

So, in the middle was the Cordon Bleu

 Took me half an hour... maybe a smidge longer.
The original recipe suggested I pound on my chicken.  (Wow, not enough to kill the bird,  but you better make sure that sucker is dead!)   I decided for this recipe, I was going to use the tried and true, Gardein Chicken Cutlets.  I defrosted them and thought I'd actually slice them to get them thin enough to roll (Like most pictures show).. but, considering this wasn't an actual chicken.  That sorta didn't happen, so I went with the - place/pile method... place the 'meat' down and pile on the goods!

Base - chicken
Layer - Ham
Layer - Cheese
Top - Breadcrumbs

Super easy..

Time to bake.

During this time, it was time to create the 'parmesan' sauce that would go atop this little beauty, as well as a side.  I chose rice.  I'd been eating potatoes all week, I needed a change.
So, I made the sauce per the instructions - asked my victim to dinner,  continued on.

Oven done.

Sauce done

Rice - done.

Salad - tossed on the plate

Took those babies out - smothered them in sauce, piled up some rice (I LOVE Jasmine) and took out one cutlet.
And, having nothing to compare it to - I think it was magnificent!
Victim felt the same way.

I should have made more.. but I didn't.. However, this was SO EASY that it's on the agenda again, soon!

Blue ribbon for this one!

So, as we press thru Jumbled June, what crazy mixup can we come up with next?  What is it that you carnies like to mix together so much?

Well, the bff and I talked a little about 'crap' (a food she used to make) last night.
I will hereby dedicate the next jumble to my love for 'Christy's Crap'.

I'll do the big reveal - tomorrow!


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