Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Recipe 87 - Pulled BBQ 'chicken'.

Easy peasy.

That's how I would describe my dinner on Saturday night.  It was only me, and well.. that might be sad, but who cares.  Me and the television set.

I was inspired to watch a tv show on 'best bbq in America'... I thought I'd take pointers.   The only thing (that they do to their real meat) that I didn't do, was cut my 'meat' after pulling it.. but no matter, I don't think it messed with the flavor any.

Let's start here.

This baby was going to 'slow cook'... y'know, how they do it with the meat that's giving everyone cancer, etc.  So I pulled out the ol crock pot, and the rest of my goodies.
I even made my own dressing!

I decided to use 'Beyond Meat' chicken strips, mainly because they seem to string out better when cooked, so it would give it that full 'pulled' effect.

It was the morning.. I'd had my breakfast, and I had a few other things to get done so this was probably a good idea.  I had 7 hours to waste. (And none of it was wasted).  I mixed up all of the ingredients in my crock pot and set the timer.
So, I left the confines of my kitchen for a while, only to come back and feel like I was right smack in the middle of  Disneyland's Big Thunder Ranch Barbeque picnic!  (I recall this smell from a couple of Springs ago when we waited for what seemed like forever to get a snippet of the most recent POTC movie behind the 'ranch'.)
It was a yummy smell.  Something you don't think as a vegan, that you'll ever bear witness to again.. but I'm tellin you, stick with me kid.  You'll eat everything you remember but you'll eat it compassionately.

Let's move on.
Time elapsed.  It was to the point where I was going to have to take this stuff out and shred it, and thicken my sauce.
I knew it wouldn't be super duper easy to shred something that isn't real chicken, something that wouldn't be so soft it 'fell off a bone' so to speak, so I had to let it cool for a 'spell'.  I attempted to shred with a fork, but it seemed that wasn't going to work for me, so it was time to dive in with the old nimble fingers...

After maybe two or three burns, I had what resembled pulled pork or chicken (you decide).

Here's where I tell ya, it don't quite matter what it resembled, youngin, alls I know was that it tasted good!

I threw that stuff back into the pot and let it cook for another quick half an hour and prepared my plate.
Whole wheat bread, veggie 'chips' and a big ol slice of daiya cheddar is what graced my sandwich.
Stuff was HOT!  (And I don't mean like an armadillo in the desert).  It was spicy! It made my nose run, it made my eyes water...
It was perfect.
Although I don't want to hear the word BBQ for a while now.  One sandwich and I usually have my fill.  This was no different.  I'm giving this one a steady vegan YEE HAW!

we're moving on.. we have the rest of the summer together before we're done.  I've got some pretty special recipes on tap for the next 12 weeks.  We'll be mixing it up, visiting France and channeling our inner villains and princesses soon.  Keep it here for all the fun.

We'll talk about 'Jumbled June' here very soon!

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