Friday, April 5, 2013

Recipe 80 - Breakfast was never so beautiful

Hello again!
Here I sit, pondering my breakfast for the morning.  (Why would I do that?)  Well - tomorrow I'll be having another long Saturday.  If this Saturday consists of what my last Saturday did, I'll be skipping lunch, so it's only fitting to be having a large breakfast.

And that breakfast is being brought to you by the letter "F".
As in peacock.

(No I've not gone off my rocker)

FANCY Peacock!

This is the beginning of 'Original Angry Bird' month.

 Why are these birds so angry you ask?

Well, let's start with the peacock.
The peacock is angry folks, because you're eating him or her, and their babies!

Can you believe people eat peacock meat?
Can you believe people eat peacock eggs? 

I suppose you could.  They eat chicken eggs, they eat duck eggs...
Well, when you wise up, maybe you'll realize what you're actually doing.

Yup -  when those eggs when fertilized, they make babies... eating their eggs is stealing babies... besides, when you put it that way ^^  um, ew!

Don't steal babies of any kind!

Some words about peacocks in general (because we have to be educative too!)

For instance, did you know:

Peafowl are forest birds that nest on the ground but roost in trees. They are terrestrial feeders. Both species of peafowl are believed to be polygamous. However, it has been suggested that peahens entering a green peacock's territory are really his own juvenile or sub-adult young and that green peafowl are really monogamous in the wild.    ("Baum, chicka" takes on a whole new meaning!)

Peafowl are omnivorous and eat most plant parts, flower petals, seed heads, insects and other arthropods, reptiles, and amphibians. In common with other members of the Galliformes, males possess metatarsal spurs or "thorns" used primarily during intraspecific fights...  (And they can do this, it's natural - do you see them salting, spicing, and putting their food over an open flame?  Just because the caveman did it, doesn't mean it's natural, my omni friends!)

So getting back on track with my next veganization, it's breakfast, it's amazing and it's got nothing to do with peacocks!

Instead, let's try out a fancy 'egg' dish that reminds me somewhat of a peacock  (well, it's got green in it! And white too - have you seen those fancy white peacocks?  Beautiful!)

Eggs Florentine!

This should keep me full!

Creamy spinach sauce, wholesome bread, faux eggs and a little taste of faux proscuitto on top..

Let's do the numbers:

Eggs Florentine                             Veggs Florentine
Calories - 410                                          230
Total Fat  - 23                                            8
Cholesterol - 260                                        0
Sodium -   720                                         112
Total Carbs - 33                                        16
Fiber - 1                                                    3              
Protein - 19                                              6.5                                    
WW Pts - 11                                             4

Who's the leader of the pack that's made for you and me?

I can't wait for breakfast in the morning.

Stay tuned, I'll make your mouth water.. I promise.

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Um.. Vegan Eggs Florentine

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