Thursday, April 4, 2013

EmCee 'Ri's Twinkledee's... Recipe 79

Well, good evening folks..  I got too tired after the mess I made last night to finish the blog, so you're getting this one tonight.

Start here.  Baby Bella force fed (I hate having to do this to her. :( ), had drunk water on her own and was comfortable on my jacket so I was good to go after my own dinner... (mac and chreeze and 'chick'n' wings with a salad, respectively).  So, I perused not only vegan recipes for this (which I like to research to try and do things a bit differently) but found the perfect non-vegan recipe for sponge cake.

So - I got a new pan a month ago.
TWINKIES  (It even came with a bag and recipes that I'll never use!)

It's time to put it to the test.

For whatever reason, non-vegan recipes for Twinkies called for pound cake.  I always thought twinkies were spongey?  So I went the sponge route.  This is where I am so glad for the 'Vegg' it made my batter so beatuiful and golden.  I did everything the exact way that they called (for true un-vegan versions, 4 eggs, whole milk, a stick of salted butter..etc)  Not only did my batter look good, it tasted good too!

After doing that, it was time to bake.  Now, the recipe I had didn't have baking time listed, just the degrees.  Of course I was all like - WTH?  So I started researching baking times for sponge cakes (un-vegan) everything said an hour.  I was leery..
I'm glad I was leery.

25 minutes later and the spring back test said they were done.
(However, I should have done my grandma's old trick of butter and sugar in the pan instead of non-stick spray, and they'd have popped out a little better).

No matter.. in between all of this I was doing laundry.. (because you needed to know that tidbit).

Last of the last freaking 'marshmallow' filling was being made (you would have thought I'd have saved all of it from the last 4 times I made it).  I prepped up my handy - dandy twinkie filling bag that came with the pan, and then got ready to fill.

I was having a hard time getting the stuff to come out, so I checked the nozzle, all good.. it started to ooze out..   I'm thinking "Oh yay - it works!"  Then, out of frickin no where.. ""POP""..  Twinkie filling, all over me, the floor, the counter top... the dang thing burst.
I was pissed.

Oh well, it's a good thing I have real icing bags and tips.
It was Wilton to the rescue.. (after I'd cleaned up).

Finally, got those golden sponges filled and ready to eat.
I had two.


I have plenty more!
So, this last pastry is a win
Vegan 5 - Non-Vegan 0!

Looks like Little Debbie should go out of business now too - the vegans are taking over!


Stay tuned, everything is coming quickly for this next veganization.. I'll give you a small hint on my Facebook cover later tonight.


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