Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Recipe 79 - Hi Ho...

I need to come back here.
I've realized that regardless of what I'm doing, this is really my refuge.
I need to write, I need to create.. so, I'm coming back.. and I'm doing it two fold this week, and in this same rite, I'm lucky, I have the ingredients I need to do what I have to do - no running out to a store (yay me)!  So since I skipped this last weekend, it's only fitting for me to finish my little debbie/hostess vegan-off tonight, to move on to this next weekend with something else.

Instead of going at this in two days, I'm going to just bear it all in one night.  In a few moments, I'll be creating my last vegan treat - by Hostess... the very famed 'Twinkie'. 

And back to my dedications - I'm going to dedicate this to...

Bulls...  The kind with horns.

Now, you know me.. you know I'm an enigma, wrapped in a riddle.   At the same time you'll realize that bulls have much to do with Twinkies.

Take a look at Twinkie the kid, here:

What do you think he's doing?  He's about to rastle something up.. maybe a twinkie?  But in all honesty - this portrays a bull roper in my eyes.

Bulls are given a bad wrap.  Bull fighting is a most horrible sport.  In fact, when I see this done - I cheer for the bull to take out the rider.. (yes that's not very compassionate of me, but come ON).

If you have a moment, go sign the petition - click on the red bull  (and don't judge me, 'The Last Unicorn' is one of my favorite movies)   Let's stop this horrible thing known as bull fighting..


Now, onto the sweet part of the night.

I'm about to make twinkies.   For whom? 
Ah, I dunno.
But my kitty is resting comfortably, and I feel like baking, so here it goes - if you want some - yell.  (I tell you people this every time and I'm not feeling the love).

Let's do our numbers:

Hostess Twinkies              EmCee Ri's VinkRi's
Calories - 150                                  118
Total Fat  - 4.5                                 2.2
Cholesterol - 20                                  0
Sodium -   220                                 115
Total Carbs -27                                 18.9
Fiber - 1                                             2
Protein - 1                                          2
WW Pts -  4                                       3

Ok, so it's time for me to get messy and do some baking.
Send me some hollers.. I'm about to complete two blogs, and a dozen vegan twinkies before midnight.
Are my fans out there?

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