Monday, April 8, 2013

Recipe 80 - 'Eggs' Florentine

And once again, welcome back!  We're on recipe 80.  This means 20 more to go and I'm done.  I'm going to miss this blog.  Notice how long it took me to come back?  
I need it for a mental break, I think.
Speaking of breaking... it looks like we broke into a real egg this weekend, didn't it?

The recipe was Giada DeLaurentes "Eggs Florentine"
And it was AMAZING.

The hardest part of this recipe was creating the 'eggs'.   I had to start with an egg white, and I pretty much just made up my own recipe for an egg white and cooked it much like you would cook a pancake.. the trick to it though was to get it thin enough to look like an actual egg white.. that was a bit difficult but I did my best.  I think I need a crepe pan.

No matter.. after the 'egg white' it was time to work on the prosciutto.. (I'm sure I'm spelling this incorrectly).  In other words, bacon. This isn't anything new to me.  In fact, it's almost every morning now that I eat fakin' bacon.  I heart it so.  Crumbled it all up, and cooked it, set it aside and then it was onto the filling.

While I was toasting my english muffin, I'd also sliced a nice tomato for the top.   All the while, simmering my onion and garlic to perfection, then it was time to wilt the spinach.

After that (this all came so quickly I don't remember a whole lot) it was time to add my cream and some spices.   This had to boil down, so it was the perfect time for me to attempt my egg yolk.

I'd attempted this once before and although I'm not yet pefect in getting a normal looking 'sphere', I did pretty well.   I do have to say, they look like egg yolks taking a water bath (which I added lemon too as apparently the poached 'egg' for eggs florentine is poached in a lemon water.)
This took a bit, and I wanted to make them as perfect as I could.

After all that, I started assembly.  Muffin, cream/spinach mixture, tomato, 'egg' white, 'egg' yolk, and I busted the other two yolks on top for ooze.. then my bacon.. add some berries, and voila!!


And it tasted AMAZING.

I'm proud to say there were no birds angry at me for this veganization.

So, what of the next veganization..
what angry bird will we be talking about?

You take your pick, they've all got a right to be angry at us humans.

But you'll see MY pick later this week.
Stay tuned!

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