Monday, March 11, 2013

Recipe 76 - Lil Ri Striped Cakes (Little Debbie Zebra Cake redux)

Welcome back.  I hope your weekend was a good one.  Mine?  It was spent in my basement, cleaning it out - getting stuff ready to give to charity, etc.  I've even got some stuff for sale.  You lookin' for anything?  I probably have it.

And I promise there's no Justin Timberlake in this weeks recipe.  Even though it was awesome of him to do such a skit on SNL.. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of seeing it posted everywhere, so you won't see it here!

Regardless, it was also my next sweet veganization.  This week I took on a Little Debbie concoction - 'Zebra cakes'.  And I should say - I did a pretty fine job.  I really needed a smaller cutter (I used a glass)  but it still worked.

Let's start from the beginning.
I knew I had a long weekend planned so I went for this on Thursday night.  I started out with my yellow sheet cake (and how is it they get yellow cake yellow?)
This is a trick I might never know.  My cake batter was more of an off-white color.   *Shrug*.  I guess maybe it comes from egg yolk?  (Even though I used vegg which is pretty yellow!)  No matter - it started there, and moved on.   Once my cake was baked (45 minutes later)  I had to let it cool then cut it into shapes.  (This is where a cookie cutter would have helped.   I didn't have one, so I used a heavy duty glass instead.. {a little trick that Jen suggested to me one morning while making biscuits})

Once those were done (and I did get 5 out of the three that made it, but they crumbled into nothingness.)   But, after those were done I had to create a filling.. which was much different than the suggestion.   They wanted marshmallow again (noooo!) I obviously said no - and did a cream cheese filling instead which was just as lovely as the original.

From there, they had to cool in the fridge before they could get their hard candy coating.  Which, was a mess.
I had white chocolate, I had chocolate - I had it everywhere.  I'm surprised my phone didn't get chocolatey!

 Such a mess.  (Mind you, not as big a mess as I have been making!).   At the time of making these, I wasn't anywhere interested in eating anything sugary, so I placed them on their plate and popped them in the fridge until the next day.
On Friday - I pulled one out at snack time while watching Ellen, and nommed.
They were good!
The only difference between lil ri and little debbie was the size.
Is bigger better?

In this instance - yes.
Strike another one up for vegan.
That's 2 for vegan versions - 0 for marketed kinds.


What's next
Well, this next one I dedicate to three people in my life.   The first, my dad - the second, my baby mama and the third, my baby.  If it were not for the next recipe - my baby might not be a cancer crab. ;)

We'll talk about all that later.

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