Wednesday, March 13, 2013

EmCee Ri, The Cupcake First Mate!

Well good evening, cupcake!  It's nice for you to join me again.  :)

We're off to the next veganization set, and this one we're going to tie into babies. ;)  BABIES?  (You ask).   Yes - babies.  But before I get to the human kind, let's talk about calves.

I want you to take a moment to look at this calf, and then take a moment to Google factory farming... here I'll even link the calf pic to Googling 'Factory Farming'.
First of all if this photo doesn't break your heart - than you're in the wrong place, or you're not human.

Then, read this:
Steer Clear Of Veal

We need to change this.  It's heartbreaking.
Please take a moment to think about what these animals go through - just to give you milk or food on your plate. And it's milk or food we don't need to survive, but THEY do!

Now, let's go on to something more lighthearted.

There's this kid I'm in love with.  I call her my baby.
Once upon a time, in a hospital very close to my home, her mother was hungry.  Apparently no one knows how to treat a vegan in a hospital and my baby mama wanted a treat.
So, what did I do?

I made the vegan version of Hostess Cupcakes!
She had two or three.. next thing you know, she's in labor.

We call these cupcake baby cupcakes..they're magical like that.

And this, is what I'm going to veganize for you again! 
Hostess Cupcakes..  I guess they used to not only make them in chocolate, but orange and strawberry too! Go figure, and my gosh, have we SEEN what goes into these things?

Hostess cupcakes contain both natural and artificial ingredients. Some ingredients in these cupcakes include sugar, wheat flour, high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, gelatin, eggs, cornstarch, soy protein isolate, corn flour, potassium sorbate, guar gum, salt, artificial colors and natural and artificial flavors.

That would be a no.

And then googling for a HOME MADE recipe will give you a containment of eggs and milk and gelatin.
No and No and NO again!

(No wonder Captain Cupcake was so rotund).
So, let's look at the numbers for these.

Hostess Cupcakes           EmceeRi's CB Cupcakes

Calories - 179                               122
Total Fat  - 6.7                               3.8
Cholesterol - 6                               0
Sodium -   246                              125
Total Carbs -29                              22
Fiber - 1.1                                      2
Protein - 1.1                                   2
WW Pts -  5                                   3

Not so bad, eh?

So - if my weekend serves me like the last, I'll be making these on Thursday - however, I may hold off until Sunday, because clearly the next day I'm going to be sending a few of these over to my cupcake baby and baby mama.. then the next day my daddy has to have one or three (they're his fave). 

So - with that ready to go, we step into a fabulous cupcake veganization worthy of any sweet tooth.

Are you ready?
I'll be sailing on the love boat to (dare I say it?) Veganville!

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