Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Who's your cupcake, baby? Recipe 77 - EmCee 'Ri (Hostess) Cupcakes

Ah the sweetness.
Where was I on Saturday?  That's right!  I was baking.  I was baking my blues away.  (Do you find how enlightening it is to bake when you're sad?)  It helps (for the time being).  But it helps.  I'm not chronically sad or anything so I'm not always baking, but it comes in handy.

Anyways, my veganization was for cupcake baby cupcakes (aka Hostess Cupcakes).  This quickly turned into a very long night... why?

I started out with a mess.  --->  see my mess?  That's not why it took so long.  It just so happens though that this particular mess in the picture ended up a cupcake FLOP.   And it was totally my fault.
For some reason, I was thinking muffins, and not cupcakes, so I put the cupcake batter in the cupcake pan un-supported (no cupcake cups).  I didn't realize what I'd done til they were out of the oven and I tried to release them.   Instead of coming out in one nice cupcake - they came out in crumbles.
I might have said a swear word, but wised up and went and grabbed some Christmas cupcake cups to line my pan with and started over on the cake again.

Now, if I were smart, I'd take a hint from The Bakerist and actually measure out my batter with an ice cream scoop.. but I didn't feel like digging for my ice cream scoop, so some of these became  - what's that hip new phrase for a person who's belly pouches over their jeans?  Muffin tops!

No matter, at least I knew they were going to come out like cupcakes this time.. (even though two of my muffin topped ones didn't make it).

So - while letting them cool I made the filling.   WHAT IS WITH Hostess and Little Debbie that all their filling is marshmallow?

Vegan marshmallow is expensive.. So, I improvised.
Back when I owned a aromatherapy business, I'd purchased several food grade vegan flavorings for lip gloss (of which are also ridiculous expensive, but last longer).   It is a good thing that I didn't get rid of these, because here is where 'toasted marshmallow' came in perfectly.
So - I created a marshmallow 'creme' out of a vegan flavoring (does a dance).   And let me tell you - it tasted dead on the cream that Hostess uses.. (so I'll bet you a ten spot they use synthetic flavoring and not even marshmallow)

So - cooled and filled and it was time to make ganache.
You know what?  I like making ganache.  I've made so many different types of ganache, it seems no two recipes are ever the same for it.   This one was no exception, but it was a lot easier than the ganache I've made before so I'll probably continue to use it for any future items that call for it.

I keep trying to remember what I was doing for the 2 hours I sat there waiting for things to bake and cool... I didn't leave my kitchen.  Surely there's a funny story in here somewhere?  Something about Wayne the owl?

Aherm....So, to sum it up - I made Hostess Cupcakes (again.)  And the very person I made them for (my baby momma) had hers last night.
She told me they were awesome and brought back so many memories.
Aww... <3
That makes the THIRD Hostess v/s vegan WIN!

So, here's to you baby mama, and all the other compassionate baby mamas in the world out there who have crazy love for these childhood favorite cupcakes:
Moving on... two more "sweet off" veganizations to complete this month - what's up next?
Well, we're going to talk about goats.
I bet you have NO CLUE where this is going.
(Which is good because I'm about to make it up as I go along).

We'll discuss, soon.

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