Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lil' Ri and the African Veldt

Good evening folks!
And for the lot of you, that means "I hope you're keeping dry and warm!"  Looks like many of us got hit (or may still be) getting hit with a snowstorm!   We got our share here last night, and the warmer air is coming, which makes me "Oh so happy!"

So, Let's talk about the zebra.    So beautiful.  Closest relative - horses.    They're the prettiest horses of Africa.  But did you know that the Grevy's Zebra is on the endangered list?   Sigh.  Many zebras are hunted for their hide.  It seems that human kind just can't accept their own skin so we have to drape ourselves in someone elses.   Hey, I'm all for animal prints (Have you seen my red room?)  But my animal prints are always (and always will be) faux.  See, there's a way around it people!

Learn the sad truth about Zebras being hunted, here.

Listen folks.
"Sport" is when two people are playing the game.

Is not fair, nor is it cool.  (In fact I might call it child {human} abuse).


Is fair and it's nature.  Nature has also given us the bounty in plant food to ease our own cravings for just about anything.. so I don't want to hear anymore crap about it.   HUNTING is not natural for a human.

Gathering however is, so.. let's do it.

So, while we're gathering, we're going to talk about Debbie.  Little Debbie!
Little Debbie makes these awesome things called "Christmas Tree Cakes" of which I used to be OBSESSED (and that is putting it mildly) with when I was younger.   But, you can't have a Christmas Tree Cake all year long.  So, the Christmas tree cake was a sister of - guess what?

ZEBRA CAKES!  (Kinda like the zebra is a sister of the horse.. har har!)

Oh yum.

And that is what this weeks veganization is all about.
Little Debbie Zebra Cakes.

Let's do some numbers, shall we?

LD Zebra Cakes                Lil' RI Striped Cakes
Calories - 330                              135
Total Fat  - 15                                7
Cholesterol - 2                               0
Sodium -   160                               65
Total Carbs - 47                             36
Fiber - 0.5                                      2
Protein - 2                                      2
WW Pts - 9                                    6

So, now that we have that all nice an prepared, it's time to pull out the cookie cutters.  (Yes you read that right, you don't think I'm talented enough to cut my cakes all the same size on my own, now do you? ;) )  And pull out the ol' cocoa butter and get ready to make conscious zebra cakes..  why?
Didn't know they weren't vegan already?
Close - but no zebra.
Egg white, milk derivatives... so not vegan (Let's not add to the injury with all the partial hydrogenation - YUK).

So, it's off to the plains of my kitchen this weekend for the next Little Debbie Vs Hostess Vs Vegan trial.  Who'll win out?

(Oh, btw - my mother had her coconut 'sno ball' last night and said "Oh this is so good, it's been so long since I've had one of these".  She said "One of these"  not, "A coconut sno-ball"  meaning, mine tasted as good as Hostess.   Take THAT Hostess!)

Point one of five goes to VEGAN!

Let's do this.
See you this weekend!

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Being pissed at people who allow their children to hunt innocent beings.

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Pretzels and chips

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