Monday, March 4, 2013

Recipe 75 - Veganizing Hostess Sno-balls

Hello again, and I hope this finds you without snow on the ground (yet).  And I don't mean the princess, I mean the white stuff.  (Isn't it spring yet?)

Let's start off this blog by my telling you - if I EVER have to deal with marshmallow again - remind me why I don't want to do it!  (I'll be dealing with it again - just remind me of the past two weeks enough that I start crying as I prepare the stuff.)

I've decided I detest working with marshmallow.  Why?  I dislike the mess it makes.  It's just ick.  I cleaned for a half an hour after this veganization.. (it was worse than last week's!) I was a mess (even my hair got into the mess - meaning, why wasn't I wearing a ponytail with my headscarf?)  Noo.. instead I was pushing it back and leaving traces of marshmallow in my hair.  (No my sno-balls are not tainted with my hair, my hair was tainted with vegan marshmallow!)

^^^ Just look at that mess.  Eeeh.. and look at the mess sitting to the side of it?  I'm surprised that my cats didn't look like they were dandruff inflicted!  (However, my whole body looked like I stepped out of a powdered sugar convention!)

No matter - lets get started.
To the right you'll see the start of my mess.  Let me remind you - my head wasn't in the right place or something this weekend.  For some bizarre reason (and wouldn't you think I'd have figured this out as I was adding it?)  I had to double check my vinegar before putting it away to make sure it wasn't bleach!  (Why in the world I would even think I would reach for bleach when I don't even have it in my kitchen - is beyond me.  Not to mention, at this point I'd be dead because I did lick the spatula before putting my vinegar away - aka before questioning if I just put bleach in my cupcakes.)  So, dodging death I began to make the cakes.
I opted to do cupcakes because it only made sense.   If I flipped those buggers around I could fill them.

Once those were concocted, it was onto the filling.  I seriously thought that Hostess sno-balls had just whippy icing filling?  Every un-vegan recipe I was finding suggested that they had marshmallow filling.  So.. here's where the bigger mess started.
I had considered making my own marshmallow until I found the bag of Dandies on sale at the store - I thought - "ok, I'm not really in the mood, so we'll melt these".
Once those were melted and whipped around, I attempted to utilize my injector.  Now, here's a blonde moment for you  (and I'm relatively smart):  I sucked up the marshmallow fluff icing whatevertheheck into my injector, thinking it'd smoothly eep out inside my cupcakes.
Somebody slap me?!   Stuff got stuck in the mid part of the injector.  I was so mad.
I had to concoct an icing injector from a plastic bag.
Several hand washes (and probably some dirty words) later - I had injected those stupid things.

I didn't have enough to finish and cover the rest so you'll see some stacked empty chocolate cupcakes to the side.
Once that was done, the bigger mess came.   I colored my whippy marshmallow mess with some pink color and started to move on to cover the injected cupcakes.

Upon finishing that, I covered them in pink coconut shavings.
Then - I ate one.
And only one.. half of one at best.  I recalled the reason I don't like coconut.
Hopefully my mother and sister enjoy them though.  This one is for them.

I should have gotten a picture of my countertop and floor at the end of the marshmallow eruption.   I took a deep breath and started cleaning.
Then propped my feet up on the couch and finished my night with kitty cuddles and Mirror Mirror.
(Seems that's the way I spend most Saturdays anymore - I need a life).

Regardless, with this one done - it's time to visit our friend Debbie.
(Right now my boss is cringing at that name).

We'll talk about Debbie and what she possibly could have in common with the African Veldt -  - later this week.

Stay tuned, and stay sticky..
or something.

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