Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hostess Vs. EmceeRi.. take one!

Hello there and happy March!!!
(Yes, I can read the date - I know it's not March yet, but it's close enough to March that I can tell you Happy March and mean it... geesh).
Even so, it's still cold out.  Some say it's going to snow this weekend (I bet it will, somewhere)  I think we'll get rain.  Regardless, let's talk about snow.
Snow as food?!

NO, silly!  Sno-Balls!  :D

Ok, let me begin by introducing you to the one - the only - Little Debbie vs Hostess vs VEGAN  veganization month!
Yes, that's right folks.  We're putting Debs up to the plate and the ever gone-by-the-wayside Hostess to see who stands up better in the vegan world.  (My guess is they're both going to be awesome all veganized!)

We're going to start with Hostess and her ever-famous Sno-Balls.

Ah, my  mother ADORED these things. Chocolate cake filled with coconut, topped with marshmallow goo and rolled in pink coconut (If I'm not mistaken, they did green for St. Pattys day and purple for Easter)  I -- well, I was never a coconut fan and these things are filled with coconut.  However, as I've moved into veganism, I've found that coconut doesn't bother me all that much, so - looks like I'll be endulging here this weekend too!

ew gelatin looks gross!
Let's start out by talking about how ridiculously UN-Vegan Hostess Sno-Balls really are.

Now, last week we talked about marshmallow and gelatin. 
But aside from that, do you know what is in a Sno-Ball?

Aside from sugar, etc - you have partially hydrogenated veg and animal shortening.. (hhmmm beef fat is standing out here) - yep, beef fat in your confection.  Let's also look at all the dairy and whey, casein and not to mention the coloring.. (do you know some of your colorings come from beetles?)  That's right folks.. BUGS in your confections too!  Are ya hungry now?!?

Time to make this mess right. 
It's my hope that I will forever be the go-to when ya'll want a sno-ball to squelch your craving.   Can you understand why Hostess went under anyway? 
I think they were not only killing animals - they were killing people.

Ok ok..
Let's do some numbers

Hostess Sno-Balls                     EmceeRi Vegan Fluffballs

Calories - 180                                            112
Total Fat  - 11                                               6
Cholesterol - 5                                              0
Sodium -   440                                           185
Total Carbs - 61                                           32
Fiber - 2                                                        3
Protein - 3                                                     2
WW Pts - 10                                                 5

Well, put a roll of vegan marshmallow on me and douse me with coconut shavings!  Yikes!
Like the name?  EmceeRi?  Hahah.. That's going to be my  new bakery name.  "Emcee Ri BakeRi'

;) ok ok
Does anyone remember them "Transforming" sno-balls?


Well this 'Transformation' is one that doesn't even need a goofy box! (Goofy name, of course.. goofy box - nah).

Now, this week I'll be *still undetermined* playing 'hostess' to an out of town friend, and we'll be putting her into this whole baking scheme too!  (we'll play 'lets see how fast Laura can inject a vegan sno ball with goop')
This should be fun.  Baking, coconut flake flying.. giggles.
We're going to make this confection right.. and Monday? 
Monday the true test - we'll see if Mommy likes them as much as the original  (stay tuned, Daddy will get his turn this month too!)

(Btw - I'm 3/4's done with Rainbows Of Vegan Love!  We're at Recipe 75!)

Music Enjoyed while blogging:
Subsonic Radio (More Specifically Paradise Pier at California Adventure music.  Listen, it misses me as much as I miss it!)

Current Craving:
Vegan Swedish Meatballs (Hey where do you think I get my ideas?)

Current Motivation:
Waiting to hear if I have a visitor this weekend, and drawing up plans for Emcee Ri BakeRi. ;)

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