Monday, February 25, 2013

Recipe 74 - Frosted Vegan Charms

Part of a balanced breakfast... MMM!
Ok, well not specifically balanced in any way shape or form.  I eat cereal as a snack.  My breakfast usually has a lot more oomph (as you've witnessed.)  This however has slowly gone away by my obsessive need to snack on a weekend.  So, is it as good as the original it was based on?

Let me start by telling you, this was a freakin' MESSY job.  Because I was sticky half the time and my kitchen looked like a frosted/marshmallow war-zone, half of my photos were not even taken!  Sigh, so you'll just have to hear me out.

Here to your right you'll see vegan marshmallows.  Hrm, they look JUST LIKE regular marshmallows don't they!?!!
Go figure.   However, I KNOW they are vegan marshmallows because I pulled them out of the Dandies bag.  (I have lil ones too!)  It was from this point on where my kitchen turned into a cereal frosted, sticky war-zone.

To the left you'll see the o's I used.  Un-frosted.  Boooring.  I contemplated literally making my own o's.. but the recipe time and effort looked mindblowing to the already amazing effort I was about to partake in with the rest, so I opted to let Barbara bake the o's and I'd frost them.  The frosting wasn't difficult to make but I also had to add it TO the cereal, and lightly bake it so they wouldn't stick together.. that was a mess.  I mean, I knew I could make a mess.. but I didn't realize how much of a mess I could really make - - well, now I know.  Gross.  (but good!)

Onto the marshmallows.   Here was where the sticky messy came in.  I was to make a dough with melted marshmallows.  Geeze louise.  This meant after a while, stirring with a wooden spoon wasn't an option.  I had to get my hands in there. Yay.  Try ignoring Facebook prompts and text messages for the half an hour you're pretty much 'stuck' in marshmallow sugar goo.
I'm not complaining though - no way!  After making my dough, I had to seperate into five different balls.  Not hard, problem was, keeping them moist enough to play 'color me now' with one ball and cut it out to get to the next without it drying into a powder.  That was a challenge.
So, being the rusher I am, the color wasn't uniform, and I ended up with pretty swirl like color in all of my marshmallows.. but that's ok, they sure looked pretty.

So, like my life - everything had to wait before I could eat it.  Not an hour, not two - the suggestion was 48 hours.  I had to store the stuff in my oven so no cat hair or dust would fall upon it  (two big ol' cookie sheets, one with cereal, the other with marshmallows).  Whatevs.. I let it wait.  I curled up with The Aristocats (and my cats) and watched Disney movies til I was too tired to stay awake.

The next morning, I ignored my cereal, and did a three mile run.   By that time I just had to do it.  It could not wait any longer.  I pulled the cereal out of the oven, and threw it into a plastic container and shook it all together.. til, voila - I had a frosted cereal/marshmallow mashup!
I poured it out into my bowl, poured on my almond milk and dove right on in.

So, was it worthy of the very un-vegan (gelatin frosted) original Lucky Charms!?
You bet your rainbow!
The only difference was that I had might have rolled my marshmallow dough out too thin.. even so, it still got mushy in milk!  (I remember as a kid eating all the crisp cereal out and waiting for the marshmallows to half-dissolve in the milk).
I - was happy.
Maybe too happy.
I went to bed this weekend with a belly ache from all that sugar. ;)

Oh wellz.
I'm about to sugar the whole world up with our next month veganization set that will either put you in a diabetic coma, or change the way you shop for boxed pastries.

What does that mean?
Well stay tuned.  Our March veganizations will begin very soon - and you'll have all the gossip about it later this week!

Carry on!

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