Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Top o' The Mornin' To ya!

Ok.  Welcome back!
I said we were going to discuss a little bit of magic, and that we are!  (Actually LOTS of magic!)  Let's begin with the magic trick that apparently Google uses to fool you into not realizing marshmallows have animal products in them.  (So many people think marshmallows are vegetarian!)  If you Google the words, marshmallow, animal products,  animal ingredients, etc (in no particular order) and you're looking for a photo.. that ridiculousness to the left pops up.

*shakes head*

No - no no no no no.
Let's get serious.  This is Google magic.
The real news?
The grossest part about marshmallows is most are made with gelatin. And here is what gelatin is made out of:
Gelatin is made from by-products of the meat and leather industry, mainly pork skins, pork and cattle bones, or split cattle hides.

Ok... yeah, those cute little yummy fluff puffs of sugar that you like to make s'mores from - magically, turn into such via way of gelatin... the by-product of your pork crunchies, or your Manolo Blanik boots.

So not vegan.

So, why in the frickle are we talking about marshmallows?
Well, let me back up.  Initially we were talking about magic!  And BREAKFAST!  Let's not forget this is breakfast week!

Remember back in childhood, during Saturday morning cartoons (hey, what ever happened to those?)  the best jingle in the world came on during commercial time.  "Frosted Lucky Charms,  They're magically delicious!"   Pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers, blue diamonds..  then who could forget the addition of PURPLE HORSESHOES!?!   Then, pots of gold, rainbows, lucky's hat!?  Sheezle!

Wow... I LIVED on Lucky Charms.  I will bet my  mom bought that crap two and three boxes at a time.   It was just what I ate 95% of the time.
Little did I know.

But, we all want to re-live a little bit of childhood every now and then.. and I've decided what better way to do it than to re-introduce myself to my favorite childhood cereal..

That's right, I'll be your 'Lucky' this week in the kitchen, dancing and talking Irish.. (yea, yea, that's next month). 

So - let's do our numbers for our newest member to my morning favorites:

Frosted Lucky Charms                            Frosted Vegan Flowers
Calories - 110                                                   120
Total Fat  - 1                                                     1.5
Cholesterol - 0                                                    0
Sodium -   190                                                  115
Total Carbs - 22                                                 20
Fiber - 1                                                              3
Protein - 2                                                           2
WW Pts -3                                                          3      

I fail to mention the sugars here - in VF it's 5 grams, in the original Lucky Charms it's 11 grams!  Dang!
No wonder we children were high as a kite!

Ok - well this is a two part process - so we'll be breakfasting in honor of my sissy on Sunday.
Why are we honoring my sissy?

Did I forget to mention ?
(Where's my mind?  All this forgetting!?)

MAGICALLY, she's a princess this weekend!  She'll be running the Disney Princess Half this weekend (Sunday to be exact)  and since she's dedicating one mile of her run to me, (mile 8) I'm dedicating this magical breakfast to her.  (Even though she won't be eating anything near the same in the wonderful world of Disney *jealous*)
Here's to you sis, and here's to all the animals I'll save eating a vegan version of my favorite childhood cereal!!

The moos and oinks thank me.

Stay tuned this veganization begins -- Friday.

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