Monday, February 18, 2013

Recipe 73 - Corned 'beef' hash

Happy evening to everyone!   I should have written this much earlier (like -- the day before yesterday) but it just didn't come to me to do it.  So, like the start of every week, I'm posting tonight..

This weekend our breakfast veganization was corned beef hash, with an 'egg'.    Logically I should have spheralized the 'egg' I used, but honestly - I wasn't in the mood.  That and what lie before me was the fact that I was about to 'peel' some potatoes.

Again - we all know my ridiculous peeler fear.

So, I started out making the 'beef'.   It was boca 'crumbles' with a bazillion other spices added in and cooked for flavor.    I decided to save time, I'd nuke this all together, so I pulled out my trusty measuring cup and started going at it, adding a little bit here and a little there til it seemed just about perfect for me - then in it went.. and back over to the countertop to looked at two potatoes I went.

Now, I had forgotten to get a bell pepper at the store (the original recipe called for one.)  Let's not blame this on me, let's blame it on my car for a moment.  I would have been more prepared had I not lost my grocery list in between my car dying halfway from home and my grocery day.. (people, never go shopping on the night of Valentines day - - seriously!  The card aisle, flower aisle.. I've never seen so many men!)   Ok, anyway.  So I had forgotten the pepper - but even mulling over that wasn't enough to prep me for peeling the potatoes.
Somewhere during the time I peeled them to the time I shredded them - 'If I don't get back on the bike, (horse, I dunno whatever analogy I used).. I'll never conquer the fear' was spoken.
I kept steady.
They were peeled.
I think the shredding though was the worst!  Darn, my arms were sore!

After all that frizzle, my 'beef' was ready, and so were my tatoes, and my onions.
I mixed up my 'vegg' sat it to the side and threw everything in the skillet...
While it cooked I prepped the daiya wedge.. (I think that's where this recipe failed me - the daiya made it too something or other, not really cheesy, maybe salty?  It just wasn't a great combo).

I dunno, once it was ready, I put the wedges in and cooked a bit longer for them to melt.. then hashed it on out onto a plate and poured my 'vegg' in a little well I'd made in the middle.

It was a fair breakfast. (I should have added fruit).
I dunno that I personally care to make it again.
Maybe with the peppers and with Daiya shreds instead?

Regardless, I conquered.. next time though, if there IS a next-time.  I'll spheralize that vegg.

So - we have one more breakfast entry to work on for the month.
It's magic week.. and as such, I have something MAGICAL to share with you.  (Not only that, you'll find out what's so magical too!)

So - stay tuned..
You'll find out in a couple days!

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