Monday, February 4, 2013

Recipe 71 - Vegan Mini Quiche

Hello my people.
It's that time again.  Time for me to banter on about my weekend activities.   As you all may know, it was my birthday weekend and as such, I was treated to  - - CAKE! - - !

My mommy made me cupcakes (of which I didn't get a photo, but they were good!) - and according to my brother, tasted like what he thought Lucy Liu might taste like since there was coconut milk in the frosting - (he's my brother, this comparison shouldn't surprise you)!

My bff - Author of "Thierbach Vegan Adventure" made me a vegan lemon cake with a lemon glaze - and I was so excited that blue lasers shot out of my head.. look!

My bpf  - Author of "Vegan Or Not" made me a chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganache, and decorated with red roses.  (my bpf - a romantic at heart).     I was overly excited here too!  Hello death by chocolate!

Also, the bpf treated me to a Dewey's pizza - where, I have to say it.. they got our pizza wrong - TWICE.   Now, it wasn't a problem that it was vegan, they just couldn't seem to get the toppings right.  Hmpfh.   All in all - it was a good birthday, and now I'm 38.   It doesn't feel any different - and my cooking style hasn't changed.  lol.

So - up in the left hand corner at the top of this post, you'll see my next item.   Mini quiche cups!
Now, these were yum, and once again I used 'The Vegg'.   I also used flax meal to act as the egg white (yeah isn't white, get over it).. but I loved how the two together made the raw parts of this almost custard like (much like an egg would do.)
I started out making a crust for the bottom.  It was my fear that if I didn't make a crust, they wouldn't come out of the cupcake tin. 
I had THOUGHT I would use the rest of the crust from the pies from NYE, but that didn't happen.  I should have frozen those.. the moss monster got them.
No matter.. I whipped up a crust of flour and almond milk, and rolled them into my pan.

Then I got my fillings ready.
Cheese, check.
Vegan Ham, check.
Spinach, check,
Onion, check
Mushrooms, check
Cheddar Daiya, check.
Chop, chop, chop...
Onto my 'eggs'.
Once I'd blended that together with a little almond milk, I filled my cupcake cups with my ham, cheese and veggies..

Then I filled it with the egg sub.  (Yeah a little messy, but who cares - it was just me!)
I followed the instructions to bake it with the original un-vegan version and crossed my fingers.
45 mins and starving later - practically perfect mini quiches.

I poured my OJ, set out my fruit and plopped those babies on my plate.
And went back for more.
And more.

Yesterday I had the leftovers with Tofutti Sour Supreme (sour cream).
I WILL make these again.
Once I quit being stingy with my vegg. ;)

So what's next in the 'Breakfast of Vegan Champions'?!

Well - I'll give this one to the monkeys. (can you guess where this is going?)

Stay tuned!

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