Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let's stop this monkey business!

Hello there friends and welcome to the wonderful world of trees.
You got your maple tree, and your banana tree and your monkey tree....
But what does all this have to do with breakfast!?!

Hehe.. I'll tell you in a moment - but before I do, let's talk about monkeys.
This in fact wouldn't be a vegan blog if I didn't tell you about the plight of the monkey.

For centuries, people have been testing on these fair little creatures for just about everything from hairsprays to anti-depressant drugs.   This makes me sad.  (Obviously).  I've always been the one that says "Why can't we test on death row inmates? They're HUMANS!  They've also done horrible things.  What in the world has the monkey done to us?"

People come at me....    well?   People like to say that an animals life doesn't compare to that of a human, but what makes us so special?  NOTHING..  remember, just because we've got a more complex brain does not make us rise above other living creatures.  We just *think* (with that complex brain) that it does. 
I wish that these three guys could really hear no, see no, speak no evil of us, but unfortunately - if you dare click on the photo - you'll find out some harrowing things that we as humans do to the animal that we so closely relate to.
I'm putting it under that cut - because it's horrifying - but it's education.

Okay - now let's talk about bananas..
Bananas are one of the most popular fruits!

Check it:
The vitamins and the minerals that are found in bananas can help your body and mind.

The first bananas that man ever tasted grew in Malaysia, but the great nourishing taste made those traveling to the area to take the fruit along with them, to India, where Buddhist Pali writings place it during the sixth century BC. From Asia, banana trees were brought to the western world by Alexander the Great, and in China, even though banana trees have existed in the southern area, the fruit began to be appreciated only during the 20th century.

The tracking history of banana takes us to Pennsylvania, where, in 1876, the fruit was sold against 10 cents a piece. It was the 100th celebration of the Declaration of Independence, and the Americans from the new world were tasting the fruit for the first time. Such dietary novelty was addressed in the proper manner, and instructions about how to peel and eat this fruit were published in the Domestic Cyclopaedia of Practical Information.

Well peel me a banana!

But where does that maple tree fit in here?

Tell me - what does this look like?!

Ok, so oftentimes whenever I make banana bread, it's almost as if the whole world goes crazy - I don't even know that I've gotten to eat my own banana bread in all seriousness!

So - I decided if I make it into a breakfast - then I'm assured to get my fill of banana bread!

Thus - banana bread pancakes.

However, what makes these pancakes so unvegan, you ask?
Well first of all - look at that square of butter... MMHMMM.  Then there are milk and eggs.  So not vegan.

But ours.. mmm
Oh yeah.
With a maple vanilla syrup
Oh yeah yeah yeah...

But first - we need some numbers on this duo:

Banana Bread PC                     Vegan Monkey Cakes
                       1 pancake w/syrup
Calories - 158                                   112
Total Fat  - 3.5                                     2
Cholesterol -  3.4                                 0
Sodium -   283                                 98.6
Total Carbs - 18                                 14
Fiber - 3.0                                         4.0
Protein - 10.7                                     8.4
WW Pts - 4                                        2

(Remember that's one pancake - and I'm going to make a stack of at least 3)

So, it's on.  Sunday morning breakfast is pancake central, and I may even couple it up with some vegan bacon on the side.
Extra syrup and all.

Let's go monkey around!

Stay tuned!

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Buffalo 'wing' pizza.

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Trying to understand how killing an animal isn't the same as killing a person - both living breathing things that feel pain, sorry, and fright...

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