Monday, February 11, 2013

Recipe 72 - Banana Bread Pancakes

Well, good evening (far from morning breakfast) but who knows, maybe you're a breakfast for dinner eater?   I love it, personally.

I'm going to dedicate this next one to the wonderfully cool Debra Randall (of whom I see almost daily).  You see, for some reason I thought of her the whole time I was making this.   Why?  She likes pancakes; monkeys - and if you read my last blog, you'll realize that this veganization was all about the monkey.  (No - pancakes don't usually have monkey meat in them!)
However, not only does Debra like monkeys and pancakes, but she was the very first to reply to my picture on Facebook that she wanted delivery at the WNKU studios.  Now, had I not consumed them practically all the way before she said something (and had I made more than enough for one person) I'd have happily delivered.  But since I was un-able, I'm dedicating this post to her.

Go check out my really cool friend, Debra - HERE - and listen to her every Sunday!

So, now that I'm done plugging her radio show, let's go back to the beginning, shall we?

Sunday morning - I'm getting the tools together.  In my mind are the fact that I still need to run four miles but I also need to clean my kitchen. (Why do I make so much work for myself?)   Anyway - I've got everything ready.  I start mixing.  (And no I did not add tomatoes, I understand that it might look rather deceiving there with the tomatoes on my fruit rack!)

That's no biggie.. then I moosh.   Bananas of course.  When I was done with this (and because I'm a freak) I let my batter sit and did my dishes.  Then went over to the fridge to fry myself up some fakin' bacon.  I wanted the bacon to be done first, because it seems if I walk away from pancakes, I tend to burn them.
So, while those were sizzling, I mixed up my vanilla maple glaze... oh my.

I thought it would be weird, but on these pancakes, it was AMAZING.

Removing my bacon, it was time to 'put on the show'
I got three (practically perfect) pancakes from my batter.. and they were SOO fluffy!  
I threw them together, and now, normally (My grandma used to do this and it just made her pancakes too rich) but nomally I do not put butter atop my pancakes, however, I figured this was a special occasion.

Pat of butter, BIG drizzle of syrup.
I even had this voiceover in my head say:  "Part of a well balanced breakfast" which made me think of a cereal box where they have the bowl with a glass of milk AND OJ.. so I did just that.
(However, don't suck down OJ and pay attention to something else when you thought you grabbed your milk - it's a very strange taste sensation when you expect one thing and get something 99% different).

Will I make these again?

OMG yes!
Who wants to come over for breakfast?
I'll cook!

So, what's next?
If you said Valentines Day - then you're pretty smart. 
But my next recipe won't mimic anything valentiney - unless your valentine likes the original cholesterol/grease filled breakfast fare.. especially if you had too much wine the night before with your sweetie... this next one will help the ol' hangover.

Stay tuned.

I'll hash it up for you  later this week!

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