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The Magic is in the Middle - Recipe 47 - butterbeer cupcakes

I set out to create a Hogwarts kitchen at RoVL on Sunday.  I had three recipes I had to work from.  Cupcake, Filling and Icing.  I have icing veganization down.  Had that for eons now.  I was pretty sure how I was going to save the cake, but ah - the filling... the filling....

Now, if you know anything about me, you know I'm a filling girl.  I'm one of those freaks that have to have jelly or bavarian creme in a donut, don't give me a cupcake without goo, and by all means, if that chewing gum has ooze when you bite into it, give it to mee!

I created, what I'd like to call - vegan bavarian cream (by accident, folks)  I had to pat myself on the back.  It's not really what I'd expected to make as a filling, but wow it was good.

Working back and forth on the fact that my hips and legs were hurting from my long run that morning, to the fact that I still needed to do an hour and a half of yoga and then there's the girlfriend, teasing me via text with visions of vegan california rolls....I'm surprised this even got done, but it did.

I thought this was fitting:

;)  Cream soda... it went into the cake.

So as I worked, and things got 'sweeter' by the moment, I knew there was something I needed to know to add color to these cupcakes, so I wanted to learn about the Houses of Hogwarts.  Is there a  remedy? I pulled up trusty Google.
How many of you knew all this?

"Hogwarts is divided into four houses, each bearing the last name of its founder: Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff. The houses compete throughout the school year, by earning and losing points for various events, for the House Cup (correctly answering a question in class, for example, may earn five or ten points; lateness to class may cost ten points). Each house also has its own Quidditch team that competes for the Quidditch Cup. These two competitions breed rivalries between the houses. Houses at Hogwarts are living and learning communities for their students. Each house is under the authority of one of the Hogwarts staff members. The Heads of the houses, as they are called, are in charge of giving their students important information, dealing with matters of severe punishment, and responding to emergencies in their houses, among other things. Each year, year level groups of every separate house share the same dormitory and classes. The dormitory and common room of a House are, barring rare exceptions, inaccessible to students belonging to other Houses.

In the early day of Hogwarts, the four founders hand-picked students for their Houses. When the founders worried how students would be selected after their deaths, Godric Gryffindor took his hat off and they each added knowledge to it, allowing the Sorting Hat to choose the students by judging each student's qualities and placing them in the most appropriate house. The student's own choices may affect the decision: the clearest example is the Hat telling Harry that he would do well in Slytherin in the first book, but ultimately selecting Gryffindor after Harry asks it not to put him in Slytherin."

I started thinking, what house would I rather be in? I'd have to say Gryffindor.. the teacher is a cat!!

Ok, so cupcakes done, icing all over the kitchen, time to make this magic liquid that goes inside.
Yes, that's where all the magic is, inside these cupcakes, and it's a magic you'd never dream was vegan - so I rock!  ;)

Then I added the color via sugar on top:
Blue for Ravenclaw
Green for Slytherin
White for Hufflepuff (Theirs is gold but the icing is already gold - and I have a Hufflepuff in my hand there)
Red for Gryffindor

Perfect!  Done!

So - my 'victims' will be having their magic tonight, and keeping most.  I took some over to Mr. Drew on Sunday - and It was said that he loved them.  I had one.. (and my goodness, WAAAY too sweet for me) so the rest are going to the biggest HP fans I know, bff and bff jr.. 

And that, is that.

I had a scheduled recipe for this coming weekend, but I'm about to change the idea, in honor of one of my very best friends and confidants, one of my biggest protectors, and one of the very few men in my heart.

Keep it tuned. As soon as I can, I'll make a post.

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