Wednesday, August 8, 2012

For the sweetest lions in the movies and IRL - recipe set 48.

You didn't think I'd get thru this month of movies without a Disney movie, did you? :P

Let's chat for a moment.   I try to keep this blog light hearted, and I'm going to do that because I need light hearted myself right now, but this particular veganization for the week was going to be a different Disney movie altogether.  One about dogs.  Yes, I was going to have a Bella Notte with my girl and share with her my very own version of Tony's Spaghetti with Meatballs from Lady and the Tramp.
However, one of my best friends is about to cross rainbow bridge, and as such - I'm going to dedicate this next veganization to him.  

Some of you guys that know me think I'm a weirdo when I go on about how much I love lions.  (You also seem to feel that way when I get googly eyed over Jack Sparrow too - but I digress).

My love for lions came about SEVERAL years ago when I went looking for an apartment for the first time.  I found this beautiful historic apartment in downtown Cincinnati that had a loft.   Hanging toes down from the loft were two gorgeous large orange kitty cats that looked like lions without manes.  That was when I decided I was going to get a large orange kitty cat when I moved to my new apartment (even though I knew Gypsy, my tortoiseshell would disapprove - and did she EVER!)  Enter Mr. Orbie Alexander.
I had this thing for feeding every cat in my parents neighborhood when I was a young girl, and as such we had a kitty named Sam.  Sam was an interesting kid.  He fell in love with my duck!  (Yes I had a feather kid, a duck named Pooh).  Sam took a visit over to - who we affectionately like to refer to as 'mama' cat (and so did her owners) and well, a few weeks later, Orbie and his brothers and sisters were born!   There was my orange guy.  :)  When I finally took Orbie home to mine and BFF's apartment, he TERRORIZED Gypsy.  I had no patience for this boy and it was clear Gypsy didn't either, but we loved him and his quirks anyway.  When I moved into a new apartment a year later on my own, I had a floor to ceiling window, Orbie was laying in it (as cats usually do) and the rope came loose as I was trying to close it. (I swear I have cat-like reflexes for this guy judging how I had to catch him from falling down my stairs yesterday) the window (which was in a house over 150 years old so just imagine how heavy it was) broke my finger, and scratched up my arm pretty good all because I am protective mom saving my boy. (duh, moms do that!)

He's been a gem ever since - although again has tried my patience.   He's bullied the neighbor kid in attempts to protect me (which was absolutely hillarious btw), he's drawn blood on his brother in the same attempt.  He's my lion.  
And it's time for my lion to meet one of my other favorite lions, Aslan at the ocean to carry him over rainbow bridge.
Thus - my dedication to him.

I've always likened Orbie to Simba.   Here is a huge reason if you watch the Lion King with me.. I cannot not cry. Oh it's ridiculous.  As soon as the sun comes up on the savannah at the beginning the tears flow.  Darnit.   You all know I love Disney villains, however - the one villain I cannot stand would be Scar.  (Oh you'd think it was Cruella, with her skinning puppies for coats thing and all - but I have to admit, Cruella is actually very personable in real life - I've met her! ;) Be afraid of that horrible pic there - that was more than a year and a half ago.)  Scar - well, he got what he deserved... the wicked guy.  (although my other lion Sanchez kinda has his profile, so maybe I'll soften up someday).

So - here's what I'm making in Orbie's honor.

Tonight - I'm starting with a steak and vegetable casserole.
Why steak?  Lions eat steak.  Orbie liked steak - I can remember when I used to eat steak and he'd be the first one at my feet.  And yes, I shared.   The veggies, well - I have to offset the steak.  This also is going to have cream in it (what cat doesn't love cream?) 

Let's do some numbers:

Steak and Veggie Casserole                  Orbs and Simba's Lionarole
Calories - 501                                                     250
Total Fat - 28g                                                     8g
Cholesterol -  83mg                                            0mg
Sodium - 1275mg                                              835mg
Total Carbs - 45.1g                                           18.6g
Fiber - 2.6g                                                        4.4g
Protein - 18.9g                                                 12.3g
WW Pts - 14                                                        5

And sometime this weekend when I start to feel better I'm making 'bugs'.
You know, slimy yet satisfying bugs?   The ones with the stuff in the middle that Pumbaa really likes. 

Numbers here are:

Cream Rolls                                                       Satisfactory CATerpillars
Calories - 220                                                                 185
Total Fat - 14.0g                                                              9.5g
Cholesterol -  12.5g                                                           0
Sodium - 120mg                                                             85.2mg
Total Carbs - 23.0g                                                         18.5g
Fiber - 1.0g                                                                     1.5g
Protein - 2.0g                                                                  1.5g
WW Pts - 6                                                                      4

So - now that this is planned - I'll do some work on the first bout tonight for my dinner.  I haven't been eating well with the pending plans - so I need to try and make something that will work for me.  And yeah - I might even share it with my big old man.   Whatever he wants right now, is what he gets.

I had the pleasure of seeing Dawn Treader with my neice a couple years back. 
This scene is what I'll think of when I send my big man on...
til Aslan gets him to grandma and grandpas house.

And writin' and cryin' don't mix, so it's time to go find something else to do.

Take care - til my next post!

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The Country Bears full show - (gosh I had to, it broke up the monotony! Don't judge!)

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A hug and some cuddles

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