Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Of Grandparents, 'Steak', Bugs, and Lions that go by the name of God. Recipe set 48

My man and I, before he left.
So, I wasn't really ready to write this post.. however, I probably really wouldn't be 'ready' to write it - so I'm freeforming.   This week has just been draining, so, I did what I could and I did it in honor of my sweet boy who is now over rainbow bridge.

I guess it started out a little ucky, on Wednesday (for ridiculous medical reasons having to do with immunity of which I won't get into) I once again became very sick.  I however, was not going to let this stop me from making my lionarole. Somehow, I knew this would be my last night in the kitchen with my lion man, Orbie.  So, I did what any mom would do and spent the evening in the kitchen cooking and hanging with my boy, occasionally having to move him from in front of the fridge or oven.

I was literally creating this dish out of air.  I was not following one single
recipe to veganize anything.  I just thought about what cats in general would like if it were a real meat/dairy filled dinner and went with it.   The results were outstanding.  I had eaten a quarter of the casserole, and spent the rest of the evening hanging out in the kitchen and sometimes my villains room with the Orbie.. who at this point was going downhill fast (as was his mom's health).  I had kind of made the decision that he really shouldn't wait any longer to move on, and for the most part, I'm glad I did.

Enter Thursday - when I was running a fever of 101, crying as I was brushing my teeth and trying not to choke up when calling my mom to assist me in going to the vet.  Mommy agreed when she saw him, and even agreed to be in the room when he left for the safety of Aslan's ocean to take him to my grandparents farm in heaven.  My big man left this earthly plane 8-9-2012, 15 years and 4 months from his day of birth.
So, yes.. that was hard.  I grieved and was sick most of the day on Thursday so decided to make a dr appt on Friday for myself.

Now, since this is a food blog I won't go into great detail but again - rough week.

My  next order of business was to make the 'Satisying CATerpillars'.
I'd had an idea in my head.. they didn't actually turn out how I wanted them to, but close.  The hole I created in the 'caterpillars' closed up when I baked the shells (I guess I needed something for that, but I was working with a handicap).  No matter.. I just recreated them when they came out of the oven.   I used my cinnamon roll dough recipe for the caterpillar shells and created my own cream for the inside.  Half of them were vanilla, the other half chocolate, and they were 'slimy yet satisfying'.  lol.

I do have to add my faucet sprayer went flying off of it's top on Friday night, leaving the kids and I in a shower.. so Ms Fixit had to go to Home Depot with a fever to just be able to use her faucet without three coins in the fountain.  I'm glad to report - I fixed it all by myself. ;)

I worked on those half of Friday night, broke out in chills and fever, so I went to bed, woke up unable to sleep and finished them in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

I was the only one that enjoyed any of this stuff, and I'm ok with that.  This set of recipes was more a healing job for me.

Due to the somber tone of this blog, I should probably close, but in closing I want everyone to know to make sure you love your fur-kids now, before it's too late.  Please don't take them for granted.  They're only here for a few years.  Make sure you spend quality time with them.
I will never attempt to 'replace' my lion man.  And his brothers and sisters and I are now starting to heal, but wow, we miss him.  As we move on with our lives, we know he's right there with us, and I will always feel his presence in my kitchen, where he spent every recipe right up to this last one with me.
I love you my boy.

Now, what's next?
I'm giving a shout out to the movie that posessed me to do this blog to begin with. ;)
Keep it tuned.

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The Young and The Restless

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Nothing, I had a big bowl of 'chicken' and dumplins (thanks to baby-mama) and watemelon (thanks to mama-mama) :).

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Getting better!  

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