Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Recipe 50 - Ode to Bridget Jones and her blue ribbon soup!

Well I'm having an interesting day/week/month...
All matters aside, I'm going to channel my inner Bridget Jones.

Yes, i said Bridget Jones.
That's our next movie food visit.

Now, it's been a while since I've seen Bridget Jones Diary, but just like every other American girl, yes - I saw it. I do infact think I took it in with the BFF during a Warm 98 free Tuesday (that turned into a twofer Tuesday, that ended up dissapearing into thin air) at the cinema (where we often saw HORRIBLE TERRIBLE movies)  this one was cute though.

Recalling, Bridget Jones somehow made potato leek soup blue after using a blue ribbon instead of kitchen twine when she was making it for a dinner party.  Why the heebus jeebus are you using kitchen twine in soup?  Let alone ribbon?!

I don't recall that reasoning.

Good ol BJ:  Bridget Jones is an ordinary 30-something whose love clock is ticking. After years of being single and enduring her mother’s attempts to find her a man, she has decided to turn her life around.
This New Years her resolution will be a little bit different. Along with losing 20 pounds and giving up cigarettes and alcohol, she will find a nice, sensible boyfriend – and stop forming romantic relationships with any of the following: alcoholics, workaholics, peeping toms and perverts.

That's from some movie thing online.

Anyhow - yes, I'm making potato leek soup.  Full of cream, butter, bacon, crap you name it.

I'll make BJ proud w/o using ribbon or twine (?) (Please someone enlighten me on that!!??)

So - let's do the numeros

BJ Blue Potato Leek Soup                            Vegan Loaded PLK

Calories -     350                                                     184
Total Fat -    14                                                          6
Cholesterol -  49                                                       0mg
Sodium -  2140                                                         458
Total Carbs - 21.4                                                     18.6
Fiber -    2.6                                                              3.5
Protein -  17.8                                                           9.6
WW Pts - 7                                                                 4

Yum, the potato... boil em, mash em, put em in a stew.  (Hey I can channel Lord of The Rings too!)
Aaww. my horsie Shadowfax <3
I infact make a killer potato soup all on my own, so I'm not really planning to follow a precise recipe here - other than to add the stuff that I already know was in the potato soup I am mimicking. 

And - guess what?
We're at a year mark!  I've been doing this for a year, and this is recipe 50!  And my first recipe started with my momma, so my year mark is going to my momma too!   Plus my brother who seemed quite pleased I'd be the one providing dinner for our Monday night free-for-alls.   
So, I'm celebrating a year - celebrating recipe 50.  

Maybe we'll take another picture and see how my mother and I have differed in a year from that first blonde brownies for her birthday encounter. ;)

Monday will be the victimization.

Keep your VHS tapes tuned here!  It's our last movie veganization for movie month so.....

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Mindless chatter of my animals

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a pillow fight.. a serious one.

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Making sense of the senseless. :P  (Seriously? Twine in your soup?)

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