Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Recipe 50 - Golden Anniversary Loaded Potato Soup - Bridget Jones Style!

Yup, that's just like me, writing in my lil diary..
however, it's a blog - so I'm not putting pen to paper.  I had a diary once.   Who knows where it is? 
I had a journal too of which I came across not long ago.

Oh my dear...  I had a big ol crush.  I was 13.   That's all I'm going to say.  We'll not talk about my online journal.  That's a whole 'nother story!

Anyhoo... let's move on.   I created a potato soup that was delectable to the palate last night.  MmMmmm..  And I didn't use twine or blue ribbon.  (Still, no one has enlightened me on this).  ?   No matter.  This was recipe 50, and since my mom had recipe #1 (cuz she's MOM.. and that's the way it goes when you're mom even though you're a critic)  She got the first of my coming year's recipes.  That and she loves potato soup, so it fit. 
That's right, we're now on year two - I am celebrating my first year anniversary of doing this!  yay!

So - it rained like a bear yesterday on my way home to pick up my ingredients.  I knew I was going to be late so I did some "call ahead seating".  (hehe).  Got everything squared away, sat in traffic for some time and FINALLY the clouds parted as I entered the home that Jesus and Noah have blessed.  Aka, the parents house.
According to my brother he was starving.   I - was not.  The moment a bowl of watermelon somehow materialized in front of me, I started eating.   I told my mother she needed to remove it from my sight as it was tempting me to continue eating.  Had I finished that watermelon, I'd not have had room for my soup!  (You know you love hearing stories that lead up to nothing.)

I cubed potatoes.. put them in a pot and started boiling.   My mother says. "That's not enough".   I put the hush on her.
I then proceeded to 'fry' my 'bacon'.  As it sizzled some little girl came to the door asking for money to do some walk.  Now, according to her she knew nothing about what she was doing, and I wonder if my mother handed out two dollars to a girl going door to door for some extra bath salts cash?
(I wonder if I go door to door saying I'm raising money for a walk and know nothing about it, if people would give me extra money?  Do I look honest?  Nah, I'd never do that.  I still have some pride, besides - no one in my neighborhood would cough up - guranteed - even if I were dressed up like a school girl.)
Let's move on.

Bacon fried - chives chopped
Time for my tatoes to go into the food processor.
Mom:  "That's not going to be enough"
Me:  "Hush, there will be plenty"
Mom:  "That's all you're going to use for potato chunks?  That's not enough"
Me:  "Stop critiquing me and let me cook!"

Always a critic.
Regardless, I made the magic happen.
And guess what?
Three bowls sucked down.. (and well recieved - everyone was all "yum")
AND THERE WERE A TON OF LEFTOVERS.. thank you mom for your assurance in knowing there wouldn't be enough soup. ;)

I got to take home some of that watermelon too. ;)
I packed it up and went for a run afterwards.  I didn't make my run on Sunday and didn't come close to anything last night because I had a belly full of soup (even though I waited the alloted amount of time I needed to).  During my run, my un-neice-neice Miranda texted me to come over to Miss V's (My sisters) to 'hang out'.   I finished my run and did just that.  Brother was there, sister was in her PJ's.. and Megan neicage weisage, Miranda and I enjoyed several minutes of watching Megan shoot herself out of, blow up and basically destroy vehicles while trying to pick up hookers.  (Yes, she was playing Grand Theft Auto, my neice doesn't do that stuff for realz, or I'd kill her.)

Was a fun night. 
What did I leave with?  A ridiculous cough and teary eyes from laughing so hard at dude on GTA with the tire marks consistantly over his face from being run over a dozen times and not dying... really?  REALLY?!  This Liberty City guy is much more resilient than my man on San Andreas.

Ok, so the potato soup was a 100% A+!
Now what?

Buon giorno!.... we're going to travel to Italy - just you wait.  (Well virtually anyway).

Til then... don't tell your child she's not making enough food, when clearly she knows what she's doing; don't try and drive your car down a stairway just to run over an old man that won't die;  and don't attempt to beat up hot dog vendors (unless their hot dogs aren't vegan)  NO, just joking.  Peace and love.. peace and love.  :)

Music enjoyed while blogging:
My Pandora is which is whacked and is playing Christmas music.

Current Craving:
Hehehe.. someone needs to rub my right arm and get the kinks out.

Current Motivation:
Not a whole lot right now.

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