Friday, August 31, 2012

Italy - Half Year Anniversarys - Cows and Pigs - Recipe 51

Buon Giorno from Lucania in ancient Italy where we start our tour of making Italian foods this month alot more friendly!
Let's begin by asking me what the heck I'm trying to make friendly this week?  Well I say, folks.. we're going to start off with none-other than a pasta dish - riddled with cheese and meat.

OMG look - I've confused the milk cow.

No mr milk cow - the cheese is not coming from your milk... you're safe.

So - as I was looking for a recipe that would travel well and fit in with my theme for this month of September, I looked upon one of my most favorite dishes - fettucine alfredo.
But - I've got to up this a bit - so let's throw in some Italian sausage - shall we?

I've made the baby pig wanna hide in a teacup!!

No baby piggie, you're safe... BECAUSE

I'm working on an Italian Sausage Pasta Alfredo absolutely vegan style...  and um, yum!

Let's go back shall we, and learn a little about what made this stuff - 'sausage' so popular in Italy.

Um...wait a minute.  I don't want to read this.  you don't want to read this.. you're reading a vegan blog.
Eeh, or maybe you're not vegan - in this case did you know:
Traditionally, sausage casings were made of the cleaned intestines, or stomachs in the case of haggis and other traditional puddings. Today, however, natural casings are often replaced by collagen, cellulose, or even plastic casings, especially in the case of industrially manufactured sausages. Some forms of sausage, such as sliced sausage, are prepared without a casing. Additionally, luncheon meat and sausage meat are now available without casings in tin cans and jars.

Oh dear grossage...
I am compelled to throw up now.  I dunno about you.

Regardless let's play around with some numbers on this:

Original                                                             Vegan Version
Calories -     555                                                      390
Total Fat -    37.5                                                      8.6
Cholesterol -  113.7                                                     0
Sodium -  1522.8                                                      580
Total Carbs - 30.5                                                      26.5
Fiber -    5.2                                                              2.0
Protein -  24                                                              15
WW Pts - 15                                                              6

Well now...

So, look at this you shall - this is what I'm about to embark upon for the girl and my 6 month anniversary tomorrow  That, and another little surprise for her., :)
That surprise I'm going to be working on this afternoon while I have a bunch of guys who don't speak a lick of english on my roof.. I'll be whipping up (oh I can't tell you!)

We have a lot coming up this month (well  I do anyway)

I declare September as a month of travel.
Look for a couple re-do's as the month wears on.  I'm about to do a 10 mile run with my sister in my happy place at the end of this month so cooking before and after that is OUT.. however, I will share with everyone the wonderful Disney treats that I run into which will happily be vegan.  :) (I's got the inside scoop - but of course, I'm a Disney freak).

Regardless, I'm talking to much - let's get this hefty Italian show on the road!!

Stay tuned!

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