Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vegan Sausage Alfredo - Recipe 51

Ahhh Alfredo.

A little bit of heaven in Italy.

I've personally always loved alfredo.  Alfredo sauce in everything.  Dunno what to put in it?  Ah, throw in some alfredo!!  

Lol, ok maybe I'm not quite that nutty over alfredo, I wouldn't put it in my chocolate candy or anything. 

Anyway, I decided to do my first Italian invasion recipe at the girlfriend's house.  It was our 6 month anniversary, and seeing as how I'm poorer than a church mouse, I was un-able to get her anything.. (but wow did she spoil me)  so instead, I made her dinner.  :)

As I was preparing the alfredo sauce, she started dipping veggies in it.  "It tastes like ranch dressing!!"   Well, ok - that wasn't quite the taste I was going for, but who am I to judge a good vegan alfredo's start?   I tried it.. as a matter of fact, it DID taste very much like ranch dressing.  Albeit it wasn't finished yet, but the resemblance was uncanny!

So, I was mimicking (and I don't know why, because I can usually do alfredo sauce like a 'from the back of your hand' recipe...) I was mimicking, however, a Bob Evans recipe.  This one of course had 'Bob Evans' sausage in it, and spinach fettucine.   Far be it from me to take the time I had while listening to the pounding of a new roof being put on my house on Friday to attempt to make spinach fettucine.  (why didn't I do that??)  Instead, I purchased some from the health food aisle at my local Kroger.  This also had peas and carrots in it.  Odd you might say?  It was good though!

For the sausage I utilized the match meat sausage that I accidentally bought for another veganization that was supposed to be more like steak.. so yay, it had a use!

Did I tell you how quick I knew this dish would take?
So quick, the girl took me out to Bath and Body works and to have some free drinks at 'the pub' before I even began to cook.  Did I fail to mention we got caught in a MAJOR downpour?
I didn't fail to mention it.. you just really could care less since this is about the food.

Ok, so alfredo simmering, noodles boiling, 'sausage' ovening.....
Quick snipper snapper, 'hey do you have bread and did you set the table, and where's a big bowl?' later...

Vegan Sausage Alfredo!! (With bread of course)

And was it an anniversary hit??


I kept hearing her say how wonderful it was.. and that tickled me.   Here it was, storming outside and we were warm and dry on our 6 month, sharing a yummy dish together listening to the rain.
There was leftovers too - I finished those for lunch the next day.
I is piggie.

So, what's next for Italian month now that we have that fabulous gem under our belts?

MmmMmMmm... just you wait.
It's got coffee, and chocolate and cake in it.

I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count.

Keep it tuned, we set sail on the Piave tomorrow (hopefully).  :)

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