Monday, August 20, 2012

Recipe 49 - Julie, Julia, and Sheri - Un-Poulet Au Porto

Ok - so to your left you'll see what Poulet au Porto is SUPPOSED to look like made with the poulet.
To your right you'll see my version.. which, well... wasn't all that magnificent.  I think it was the 'chicken'.  I've had nothing but good results with 'match meats' so I used their chicken to create this dish.   To me it was all too familiar of Gardein chicken (which i do not care for in the least bit).  So that's the start of the downhill madness.   I think if I created this again I'd use tempeh.  But that's me.

I started out at the girlfriend's house.  It's not very often I get to cook for her, and in her kitchen nonetheless so I offered up my services on Friday night and in true Julia style.. had wine while making dinner.  (oops might have gotten a little tipsy).\

We were a plus two extra on dinner as well - which was fine.  Really it was a plus one with plus two having not made his appearance yet into the world. 

I made the loaf of 'chicken' and prepped it for baking.  I had to make an assumption of how long the thing needed to cook in order to be the right consistency for the dish.  While concocting the mushroom 'cream' we discussed how Drew couldn't walk to the store - prompting Jen and E off to the store to get fluid for Drew's inebriation. 

As that was happening, Chiana and I were finishing this thing off.   However, I did not have cognac for the final 'flame' to take place.  I'd decided ahead of time I wasn't going to waste my $ on cognac for this dish.. of course Jen mentioned how it was probably what makes it what it is.. but I thought - well, the port wine will do just fine, right?

Enter the girls mentioning how it smells wonderful in the kitchen and Jen equipped with cognac - which was well into the time AFTER I was supposed to add it.. but no matter, she poured it in and lit that sucker.. and I let it cook for a bit longer.

So, it was time to eat.  We gathered around the table.   Out of my mouth - ew.. ick.

Same with Jen.

Maybe it was the bean inside the belly that made for E giving the dish rave reviews...  mine, however, went into the garbage, as I think most of Jen's did.  Jen offered to take us down for an awesome tofu dish at Szechuan, but we'd decided it wasn't needed.   I'd pop corn (which never did happen). 

I'm not impressed with this dish at all, veganized.  Again, I might re-try it with something a little less Gardein like.  I think it might actually be wonderful with tempeh as I said.  I'll put it in the recipe book though.
Btw - don't drink port wine.   Unless you like sweet wine.  Icky.

Say - guess what!?!?
My next veganization marks my ONE YEAR mark of doing this!  It's also recipe 50!
I think a party is in order.  Considering my first dish was for my mom's birthday last year - I think this anniversary dish will end up in mommy's tummy too - so I'm hereby victimizing her for the next dish.

Wonder what movie I've got up my sleeve now!?

Stay tuned!

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Chitter chatter and mewing.

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