Sunday, June 24, 2012

The mochi that never was - recipe 41 - Green Tea Mochi.

I ran two and a half miles today... powered by pizza.
I was powered by pizza!
I was supposed to be powered by fried 'chicken' but it didn't happen.
But that's not what we want!

What do want?
When do we want it?
This crap? NEVER!! :)

I do enjoy a good fail every now and again, folks.  It makes me realize I'm still alive and I've got work to do on the kitchen front.  However, most of my meals are spot on (as will be my baked mac and three cheese tonight) however, this one? Ihhh.
I'll put it in my cookbook.  Maybe some of you would have success... or, maybe not.
Considering I've never had mochi before I really had not much to go on so I was winging it for the most part.

The main ingredient in this was your glutinous rice flour (I had flying horse brand .. I kept calling it Shadowfax).

Ok enough of my stupid.   Anyway - you gotta use this glutinous stuff because according to all things asian, it doesn't work with regular old rice flour.  And I'll tell you - this particular flour got me followed at the store by four oversexed teenage boys - but I digress.

I followed the directions to a tee, and did everything right.. and it did do what it was supposed to do.  Heck, the mochi in and of itself didn't really taste all that bad..

It was the green tea 'ice cream'.

If I ever want to make someone put something in their mouth that has the equal effect of a frozen sweat sock that's been floating in a koi pond, I would direct them to green tea ice cream.
I know, it doesn't look all that bad.. I even jazzed it up with chocolate chips thinking it'd save it.
Listen folks, there's a place for green tea.   Either in cupcakes (as we witnessed in March) or in a cup of boiling water.


Someone shoulda told them when to stop.

So, that mochi you see up there, I took a healthy bite of it and almost spit it out faster than I put it in my mouth.
For me??  I chalk that one up as a fail.
Maybe you like eating frozen koi fish flavored sweat socks though?
To each their own.

As for this girl.. I'm about to go wash it down with a dip in the girl's pool and some yummy baked mac and cheese and her lovely home-made sushi.

Fail done.
Stay tuned this week for my last Asian month veganization.. you're gonna love it!

Bai Bai!

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Frontierland area music (WDW and MK)

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Getting in the shower

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Mac and TEEESE!

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