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Great balls of Mochi! Recipe 41

Mmm Mochi (Here I say it and I've never had it.)   There's nothing specifically non-vegan about mochi, until you start placing things in it... So, that is where the un-veganness lies.

But before we start discussing silly stuff, and important stuff (Like, what I'm about to put into my mochi)  let's look at some mochi history.

"Mochi (Japanese: 餅; Chinese: 麻糬) is a Japanese rice cake made by pounding glutinous rice into a paste and molding it into shapes which can be eaten right away, or cured and dried for later use. Mochi is used to make a variety of traditional Japanese sweets, and cooked in soups. It is also popular toasted and dipped in a variety of flavorings. Toasted mochi inflates to several times its original size, forming a crisp crust with a soft, chewy interior, and is especially popular in cold weather.

In Japan, mochi is traditionally made in a ceremony called mochitsuki, in which people take turns wielding the heavy wooden mallets. While also eaten year-round, mochi is a traditional food for the Japanese New Year and is commonly sold and eaten during that time. A decoration called kagami mochi (mirror mochi), formed of two spheres of mochi, one on top of the other, and topped with a bitter orange (daidai), is placed on the family altar during the New Year.

Japan and Korea both have similar pounded glutinous rice foods, known as mochi and tteok, respectively. The exact origin of mochi is unknown, though it is said to have come from China. The cakes of pounded glutinous rice appear to have become a New Year's treat during Japan's Heian period (794-1185). As early as the tenth century, various kinds of mochi were used as imperial offerings at religious ceremonies. A dictionary dating from before 1070 calls the rice cake "mochii." Around the eighteenth century, people began to call it "mochi." Various theories explain the name. One is that “mochi” came from the verb “motsu,” “to hold or to have,” signifying that mochi is food given by God. The word “mochizuki” means “full moon.” People of the west and southwest islands called it "muchimi," meaning "stickiness."
Chimaki, a sweet mochi cake wrapped in a bamboo leaf, eaten especially on the Kodomo no hi Festival on May 5.

A match-box sized piece of mochi has the same caloric content as a bowl of rice. Japanese farmers are said to eat mochi on cold winter days to increase their stamina. Samurai took mochi to the battlefield because it was easy to carry and to prepare. The sound of samurai pounding mochi was a sign that they were about to go into battle."

Whaaa?? You forgot to bring the vegan mochi?!?

Hmmmm.... mmmm.
Now, ours is based in Korea and called:  "Yukimi Daifuku".  Why?  Why the difference?  Because we're about to put ICE CREAM in ours! (a very non-vegan treat made vegan!)

So, let's do the numbers.  We're about to make green tea mochi.. possibly dusted with  matcha  (if i get crazy).

Traditional Green Tea Mochi                           Vegan Green Tea Mochi
      1 ball                                                                  1 ball
Calories    100                                                              86
Total Fat   3.5                                                               1.5
Cholesterol  10                                                               0
Sodium 25                                                                     0.4
Total Carbohydrate  18                                                   6
Dietary Fiber   0                                                             1.0                        
Protein    2                                                                    0.5
WWpts -  3                                                                    1    

See, even with that there's a difference!
So, I'm not sure when i'll be making this.  I'm thinking probably on Sunday.. that way I can haul them over to BFF's house on Tuesday and see what they think of them.  They'll stay nicely in my freezer, so if any of you people close by reading this want any, gimme a holler! 

And before we go:
This is what you do, powered by vegan mochi..

Stay tuned!!!

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