Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Vicarious Vanton! Recipe 40

So, I set out Friday night to do a ton of things.. one of those however was to make wantons to share with you lovely people, and so -- I did.

They were fairly easy, however the thin-ness that you had to roll them to was almost to ridiculous proportions.   I got my cardio in.  Figured if I'm ever going to do that again, that I'm going to have to get a heavier duty rolling pin for somthing so 'thin'.

But anyhoo.

I made the dough.  The suggestion was that it rest in two balls, under a damp cloth for I dunno - 15 mins?  So while that was doing it's thang, I had a cutie pie visitor who surprised me with a little gift I'd so much wanted that day. <3  (You gotta love a girlfriend who listens.. AND delivers!)  

After that quick interaction of "Hi, Sqeeal Thanks Bye!" I started to roll.  I was fascinating myself with the shapes I had come up with during the roll out session.. I swear I see a big old fat dinosaur in this one.  Come on, don't you?

That, well - that roll was too thick, but I cut it out in the squares I had to anyway, and RE-rolled them to almost paper-thin as much as I could.

When that was done,  I mixed up the cream cheese filling, and I swear - it tasted just like the stuff you get at those crazy asian buffets!!  I was excited.

So, I stuffed, pressed closed, and stuffed some more.  I think I made 24 wantons.. then, in they went to the fryer.

Back out, and drained - as I made my evening salad for dinner.   My dinner was wantons, duck sauce - which is NOT made from ducks tyvm (which I purchased) and a salad.
And I'm telling you..


Just look at those beauties up there at the top of my blog, won't you?
Now, they were better just out of the fryer, however my sister, my brother, bff, bff jr, bff husband and the girl all tried them, and they got glowing reviews.

I'm happy.

So, what's next?   Dessert!

Stay tuned tomorrow - as I'm now on a search for glutonous rice flour.
And hoo.

Onward with asian month!

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