Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Potato Head - Scalloped! Recipe 35 - Vegan Scalloped Potatoes

The potato - the worlds most perfect food.   (Or is that the banana?)

No clue.  I know it's a root veggie though, and one of my very favorites no matter how you slice it.

Mashed please!  No, bake it!  Yum potato soup, you said? Ooh can you boil that for me?!   FRY THEM PUPPIES UP!
But then, the terrifying word of 'scalloping' and you've hit a vegan standstill!

Alas, you CAN veganize a scalloped potato - and I have done just that!

Let's back up again to last year - Easter 2011.   Along with the vham I made, I also veganized scalloped potatoes - and these actually WERE a hit with everyone!

Let's do the numbers, shall we?

Regular Scalloped Potatoes                          Vegan Scalloped Potatoes
Calories –  216                                                             155
Total Fat  -  9                                                                8.4
Cholesterol  - 29                                                           0mg
Sodium  - 821                                                               264                                 
Total Carbohydrate – 26.4                                             17                        
Dietary Fiber  4.7                                                         2.1
Protien –  7                                                                    10
ww pts:     5                                                                    5

Ok, so not a HUGE change there, and honestly if I can get a buncha carnies to eat this, then you won't miss anything either!
tatoes before the bake.

It starts out simple enough, and you do alot of mixing stuff in.  (not this is NOT where the cream of mushroom soup comes in.  Vegans do not use canned COM soup, eew.)   I prefer coconut creamer or soy.
Then your 'cheese'  this can fall into anything you want it to be... I used a specific mix in this recipe, but there are so many options out there.

The consensus on this recipe was overwhelming.   And I think it was gone before the end of the dinner.  
All that magic potato gold melting in your mouth... yum.
That's what gives this little number a place in my vegan yum yum recipe book.

Cheezy, pleaazy vegan scallops right out of the oven!
Although short, it's sweet, and now that I'm not too terribly sick anymore I'm going to move into a working veganization for next week.. but you'll have to stick around to find out what gets the next place on the board!

Btw - can you believe I was sick for a MONTH!?!?   Started out as a flu, went to sinus infection and ended up as tonsilitis..  I'm still suffering with some of the tonsil infection so it's not a grandiose fun task eating food just yet.. but I'm getting there.  I don't remember ever eating food this slowly in my entire life!!

Regardless, the pomp and circumstance is about to rear it's pretty head again, so stay tuned and thanks for hanging in with me when I thought I was going to die!

Til next time!

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Current Motivation:  Me, Feeling better!

Current Craving:  Vegan cheeseburger with fries and a rootbeer so delicious ice cream float!

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