Tuesday, May 15, 2012

La Cuca Racha! - Mexican Brownies - Recipe 36

I really don't know how I'm going to complete this veganization, but I will - and with a little spice in my step!

Let me start out by saying, I'm the best brownie maker this side of the upper USA.. (I am! If there were awards for best brownies, I'd get one!).    I digress.. I've decided to one up the usual brownie madness I create -  with a kick.. and with that, I'll be giving you 'Vegan Mexican Brownies'... and amidst the ridiculous lack of time I'll have this weekend.. I'm hoping they don't take forever!

You know I like to edumicate you, so let's look at the origins of brownies, shall we?

"The exact history is difficult to reconstruct for brownies. There are many conflicting stories regarding the origin of brownies and how they came to be.

Brownies are thought to be of US origin, the name derived from their color (brown) and from the mythical pixie-like characters common in children's stories from the same time period. One story suggests that brownies were invented at the Palmer House in Chicago in 1892.

The first recipe for "brownies" dates back to the 1896 Boston Cooking School Cookbook for molasses cakes baked in individual pans - a far cry from what we think of as brownies.

The earliest published recipe for chocolate brownies appears to have been for "Bangor Brownies" back in the Boston Daily Globe (1905). Some contend they may have originated when baking powder was inadvertently left out of a chocolate cake batter, resulting in a 'cake' that didn't rise but tasted great.

It is speculated that the careless cook may have lived in Bangor, Maine - thus the name, "Bangor Brownies." This is my personal favorite story since my parents grew up close to Bangor, ME, giving me a connection to the area, and thus to the story.

Chocolate brownies didn't become widely popular until the 1920s, when chocolate became more readily available.

Early recipes called for butter, eggs, sugar, flour, melted chocolate, and nuts in varying quantities, which means that making homemade chocolate brownies hasn't changed much in the last hundred years!"

I dunno, folks.. but I love brownies.  I just hope I'll love the mexican version just as much or I may have to give them to the birds!

Let's do some numbers now!

Regular Mexican Brownie                                Yo Quiero Vrownie
Calories –  243                                                            225
Total Fat  -  10.1                                                           8.4    
Cholesterol  - 10                                                           0mg
Sodium  - 153                                                              149                                  
Total Carbohydrate – 39                                               39                                       
Dietary Fiber  1.2                                                         1.2
Protien 2.7                                                                   3.4
WW Pts  7                                                                     7                                       

So, not really much change here with the points.. but a brownie is not just a brownie, no siree...
But lets also keep in mind that the word 'vegan' surprisingly does not always mean 'healthy' or 'you can eat all you want and not gain weight'... so, use that info at your own discretion.   If we were to eat a whole pan of these, you and I.. we'd probably put on 5lbs.
Just sayin'.

Ok.   I think I've set up my veganization to take place either Friday afternoon or Saturday afternoon.  I have a girls night on Friday, and errands on Saturday, my baby neice graduates on Sunday... whew, when does it end!?

Well, it's almost summer again.

Stay tuned, I'll be having the mexican station on and baking soon!

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