Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Recipe 36 - Whatta fail! Mexican Brownie Attempt

I love it when I fail.  It just means not everything is foolproof, and not only that, it means that my original tried and true - HONEST vegan recipe kicks the un-vegan recipe's butt anyday. ;)

However, just because I failed, doesn't mean I'm not going to add the recipe for Mexican brownies in my cookbook, because I am.  I'm just going to add my original recipe with the said 'mexican' ingredients.. because I know it'll work.. you've got my word!

Ok, so what you see up there is a plate full of ooey gooey (actually fairly yummy) chocolate mass but with a load of vegan 'butter' swimming on top.  I sucked off the vegan butter with paper towels and a tofurkey baster and let it dry as much as I could.  What I ended up with was something gooey you could eat with your fingers.. and it was yummy, but as a brownie, it was a most certain NO NO!

It all started out honest enough.

 Here is where I had my "butter" and "egg replacer" all mixed up and ready to get the cocoa and spices... it did what it was supposed to do nicely..I was proud.  I was ready to get the show on the road.

Then I added the rest, and what ensued was a gorgeous mixture that anyone would surely assume would turn out to be perfecto brownies with no issues at all.. I mean, look at this!! >> 

It was perfect, ready to go in the pan, nice and firm kinda hard for me to stir, just like any ol brownie mix should be.   So, in the well oiled pan it went, and into my oven. 

Time went by and it was smelling pretty good. ;) 
So I checked on it right before the alloted outting time of the stuff.
It was bubbling like a stew.
I stood confused
Left it in for a little bit longer..
Checked, and still, it's bubbling like a stew.
I have a conversation with myself.. "Sheri, if we leave this in there any longer it's going to be burnt and we'll never get the pan cleaned, and we need this pan for other brownies, cuz, you know your brownie obsession and all"

So, I convinced myself to take it out.  I let it cool for a bit and it was swimming in vegan butter.


I then proceeded to soak it off of there and call it a fail because no one but me would even attempt to eat this.
However, like I said - after it cooled I did try it, and the gooey fudgy mass was yummy, but not 'brownie' enough to call it a piece of workable, edible art.

So - these particular guys are out of the running, but I promise not to leave anyone hanging with no brownies in my cookbook - trust me, you'll get these babies, but you'll get the ones that work.

My fail - well, I'll just keep those calories to myself. ;)

Stay tuned because I'm about to RE-try an old fail of mine that I've not attempted for over a year.   With the extra knowledge that I have gained I do believe that this RoVL attempt will make it into the books.

Friday is the big day.. I'm making them for my big double date with the girl, and the bff and bfh and bff jr.  

The unveil - comes tomorrow...

Stay tuned!

Music enjoyed while cooking:  The Highway

Current Motivation:  Taking a moment - because I have one.

Current Craving:  Something with gravy.

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