Monday, April 30, 2012

Of Artichokes and Spinach: Recipe 34 Spinach Artichoke Dip

Oh my heavens, people.  I'm sorry to have put this off for an extra week but lil girl was sick.. sick sick sick.. I'm STILL sick as I type this.  Although I'm hoping that it's going away.

What I heard was allergies, went to a flu, went to a sinus infection, and now is just drainage and more pain.  (Gross) To spare you the details, let me tell you.  As you've read, and maybe forgot.


However, the senses that tell me something is yummy or not were not alive and well the night I made this dip, so as for me, I'm about to attempt it again with BFF (who by the way has her own blog now.. check it out - HERE!)  Considering I've not seen BFF in almost three weeks, I'm about to do our regular Tuesday night get together with her tomorrow.  And believe you me - I am not contagious anymore, but even though i feel like crippity right now, I'm hoping that changes tomorrow because even if it doesn't, more dip will be had!

The Jen, however, did say it was delish, and has had seconds (probably thirds) by now.

Let's get this party started.

Before the bake and sans vegan cheese
Saturday came..  not to be confused with Friday where I thought I'd rather cut my head off than deal with it anymore.   Saturday came and I was at least 5% better.  (yeah not a big percentage, I know, but this thing is going in percents now..which SUCKS cuz I'm probably only at 55% better from the beginning.)
I thought I was going to have to have my victim, be the veganizer, but I put on a brave face and threw this baby together, making my own 'mayo' for it as well.

First though - I had to go see my five year old neice off to the senior prom.
(wha?  five year olds at the prom??) Shuddup, she's still 5 to me.


It didn't take long, and I was able to actually have dinner ready even before it came out of the oven (which makes no sense, since this is a 'starter'  but I digress).

As a dip, it's not really a quick 'throw together' but it was a fairly easy one, and made leftovers out the wazoo.   We had it with blue corn chips, and warm it seemed like it might taste 'delicious' and Jen said it was, but I still can't say, folks.  I'll have to get back to you on it. 

Ready to dip!
(Of all things, stripping a chef of her sensory yum skills.. what's going on here?)
Ok, well aside from all things sick - I could talk about how I did nothing but ache for days in and out, feel sleepy, feel numb, feel ill.   But we don't want to dwell on that.
Please, if there's anyone out there that cares, - send some more healing vibes my way!

And - considering I don't have a 'real' veganization for this weekend -- we're going to revisit an old one.
Keep it tuned in.   Old veganization coming up in a few days... and in a few days I'm going to be all:  "WOO HOO I'M HEALED!
(sheesh I hope)

Toodles, all!

Music enjoyed while Cooking:   Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain Album

Current Craving:  To feel better

Current Motivation:  To feel better

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